What Is Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL)?
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What Is Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL)?

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into an anime-based cryptocurrency project that seeks to introduce NFTs and DeFi products to the anime world.

What Is Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL)?

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NFTs are a new hot sensation right now, and almost every project emerging in the crypto universe is working out ways to incorporate this new obsession into their platform. Although the purpose of NFTs go beyond collectibles and digital art as is touted across the headlines, NFTs facilitate a world of possibilities even in the finance industry. 
Catgirl Coin is one such project that aims to deliver NFTs to a wider audience on the backdrop of fun and exciting anime culture. The project claims to enable its users to earn passively while integrating the anime culture into the crypto world that brings about a new era of NFTs.

What Is Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL)?

Catgirl Coin is an NFT-centric crypto project that has a real-world use case. The platform offers a deflationary token with the ticker symbol, CATGIRL. The project's token is available on PancakeSwap and is built by a team of professional developers, creative writers, and talented graphic designers who are however anonymous. 
As the name suggests, Catgirl Coin is built with a mission that can be spelled out in the acronyms of the word CAT. The C stands for curiosity, where the team behind the project promises to always be ready and curious to learn more and improve the platform. 
The A stands for act and signifies the platforms' built-in resolve to always put in full effort in reaching and acting upon its vision. Finally, the T is for trust and reflects the project's mission to maintain and earn the trust of the project's members.
The total supply of Catgirl Coins is 100 quadrillion, where 50% of that supply has already been burned. Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) can be used to take part in the Kitty Lottery and claim instant rewards. 

How Does Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) Work?

Catgirl Coin features a mystery box that offers its users a way to obtain Catgirl NFTs. The core concept is that there are multiple items with varying rarity levels in these boxes. 

Another feature of the platform is its Workshop where holders can customize their Catgirls and other collectible items through different wearables and accessories. They can swap these accessories until they finalize the wearables. It will consequently increase their Nya score in the Cativerse. This score will help the holders earn more reward in NFT Farming. 

Catgirl Swap

Apart from the game, Catgirl Coin also features a decentralized exchange powered by PancakeSwap V2. PancakeSwap is one of the most popular DEXs on the Binance Smart Chain network. With Catgirl Swap, users will be able to exchange their BNB for CATGIRL as well as other stable coins at minimum slippage.
Catgirl Swap will also support liquidity pool staking, where users can stake their CATGIRL paired with WBNB to earn $PAW (One of the two utility tokens). Catgirl Coin’s white paper is yet to set the staking rate for its DEX.

When Will Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) Hit 1 Cent?

As of now, CATGRIL’s price is set at $0.000000000037. Although the token rallied earlier on in June, its price has since stabilized, according to CoinMarketCap. However, Catgirl Coin (CATGIRL) is still fairly new, and the data available about the token is insufficient for making accurate predictions of the coin's future price.
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