Learn about the TRON & Take a Short Quiz to Earn $TRX

Learn about the TRON & Take a Short Quiz to Earn $TRX

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Learn about the TRON & take a short Quiz to get rewarded for your newfound knowledge!

Learn about the TRON & Take a Short Quiz to Earn $TRX

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CoinMarketCap users can learn about TRON (TRX) and take a short quiz to get rewarded! The TRON (TRX) reward will be distributed randomly among the users who complete the quiz successfully before the campaign concludes.

The TRON “Learn & Earn” Campaign's reward pool is 4,596,784 TRON (TRX) coins worth $300,000. Successful users will receive 306 TRON (TRX) coins (Aprx. Worth $20 - May 20th) as well as 50 Diamonds as a reward!

The TRON “Learn & Earn” Campaign will run from May 25th, 2022 (12:00 PM UTC) to June 23rd, 2022 (23:59:59 PM UTC). Make sure to take the following lessons to complete the quiz!

– Lesson 1: What is TRON?
– Lesson 2: The TRX Token
– Lesson 3: Why use TRON?
– Lesson 4: TRONSCAN and TronLink
– Lesson 5: TRON Founder Justin Sun

CoinMarketCap TRON Learn & Earn Quiz

If you have trouble submitting the quiz, please try again at this dedicated link: https://coinmarketcap.jotform.com/221354756235961
The TRON “Learn & Earn” Campaign will run from
  • May 25th, 2022 (12:00 PM UTC)
  • to June 23rd, 2022 (23:59:59 PM UTC)
  • Quiz will be live at 12:00 PM UTC, May 25th.

TRON Learn & Earn Quiz's Answers

1. What are the features of the TRON network?
a) High-throughput
b) High-scalability
c) High-availability
d) Low cost
e) All of the above

* Answer & Explanation:
High-throughput: High throughput is achieved by improving the TPS in TRON, which has surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum, to a daily-use practical degree.
High-scalability‍: Applications are given a wider variety of ways to be deployed in TRON because of its scalability and highly effective smart contract. It can support enormous numbers of users!
High-availability‍: More reliable network structure, user asset, intrinsic value and a higher degree of decentralization consensus come with an improved rewards distribution mechanism.
Low Cost: TRON has very low transaction fees, it is efficient even with large transaction volume and transactions resolve quickly.

2. What are the TRON-based stablecoins?

* Answer & Explanation: TRON hosts the largest circulating supply of stablecoins across the globe, USDT on TRON overtook USDT on Ethereum in April 2021. There is a strong alliance of 4 TRON-based stablecoins: USDT, USDJ, TUSD, USDC and USDD. As its stablecoin ecosystem takes a better shape, TRON is seeing another boom around the corner.

3. What is TRONSCAN?
a) TRON blockchain explorer
b) Wallet on TRON
c) Lending platform on TRON
d) Mining platform on TRON

* Answer & Explanation: TRONSCAN is TRON’ s first as well as the most popular blockchain explorer—it is the gateway to the TRON ecosystem. TRONSCAN is deeply integrated into the TRON ecosystem and displays the comprehensive functionality and dynamics of the TRON network, attracting users from all across the globe. It not only includes some basic functions of the block explorer, such as search query transactions, accounts, blocks, nodes, smart contracts; data statistics and queries on the chain, but also directly supports token creation.

4. Justin Sun bought several NFT masterpieces and donated to where?
a) APENFT Foundation
b) OpenSea
c) Binance Charity
d) Christie’s

* Answer & Explanation: Justin Sun bought masterpieces by Picasso, Giacometti, Andy Warhol, Beeple, Puk, and KAWS worth over $800 million merely in 2021, most of which he later donated to APENFT Foundation for the NFTization and digitalization of artworks. APENFT is backed by the underlying technology of top-notch blockchains Ethereum and TRON with support from the world's largest distributed storage system Bittorrent File System (BTFS) to deliver the mission of registering world-class artworks as NFTs on the blockchain.

5. TRON Foundation has been restructured as what?
b) TRON Community
c) TRON Union
d) TRON Dai

* Answer & Explanation: The TRON network completed full decentralization in Dec 2021, eventually transformed itself into a fully decentralized and self-governed organization and gave birth to TRON DAO. TRON DAO is tipped to leverage the TRON protocol to decentralize the Internet while boosting effective governance for community members.

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