20 Popular Blockchain Analytics Tools and Companies
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20 Popular Blockchain Analytics Tools and Companies

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Blockchain and crypto analytics tools offer deep data insights to real-time analysis; this can assist your crypto research and help you understand the blockchain ecosystem better.

20 Popular Blockchain Analytics Tools and Companies

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You may be thinking:

"Seriously, CMC? An article about blockchain analytics tools? Aren't blockchain analytics something for nerds?"

You couldn't be more wrong!

Blockchain and crypto analytics tools are, in fact, incredibly useful. You won't find real alpha on influencer accounts but with blockchain analytics tools.
That's why CoinMarketCap Academy put together this comprehensive list of 20 popular blockchain analytics tools and companies.

Bookmark this post because you will be using some of these tools in the future.

For those without time to read, here's the list of the top 20 blockchain analytics tools and companies:

  • CoinMarketCap: Your gateway to the world of crypto.
  • DeFi Llama: DeFi analytics platform.
  • Token Terminal: Crypto analytics platform.
  • Dune: Crypto’s data library.
  • Messari: Blockchain research and analytics giant
  • The Block: Blockchain research and analytics company.
  • Delphi Digital: Blockchain research powerhouse.
  • Glassnode: On-chain analytics platform.
  • Nansen: On-chain analytics platform.
  • Chainalysis: Crypto intelligence firm.
  • Coin Metrics: Another crypto intelligence company.
  • Dapp Radar: Dapp and token analytics platform.
  • Tokeninsight: Token research platform.
  • Galaxy Digital: Crypto fund producing research reports.
  • Coinglass: Trading analytics platform.
  • Artemis: Web3 analytics platform.
  • Token Unlock: Token unlock analytics database.
  • Crypto Fees Info: Platform tracking the revenue of different protocols and chains.
  • NFT Go: NFT analytics platform.
  • NFT Price Floor: NFT price floor database.

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Some shameless self-promotion coming first. Sorry, not sorry!

But CoinMarketCap already delivers a ton of fantastic resources. This breakdown of CMC products and features provides a great overview of what CMC covers:
And last but not least, our knowledge library Academy, which explains the crypto revolution day in and day out in terms anyone can understand.

You'll still need some of the other tools if you want to dive deeper into crypto, but CMC gives you a pretty darn good start to crypto!


DeFiLlama calls itself the "largest TVL aggregator for DeFi." And it does a pretty good job at being the Swiss Army knife of DeFi analytics tools. Here is a list of things you can find there:
  • TVL figures for different blockchains, protocols, and money markets.
  • Liquidation figures.
  • DEX volumes.
  • Fees and revenue figures for blockchains and applications.
  • Data on hacks.
  • Data on CEXes.
  • Yield rankings.
  • Data on raises
  • Potential airdrop candidates.

And probably a lot more. Every respectable crypto investor knows DeFiLlama and has used it for anything related to DeFi.

Token Terminal

Tokenterminal is another DeFi analytics tool. It features:
  • Metrics, lots of metrics: FDV figures, circulating supply, trading volumes, token holders, TVLs, fees, revenue, token incentives, P/S and P/F ratios, daily active users, and more.
  • Data on exchanges, blockchains, and the DeFi sector.
  • Financial statements.
Very useful for the fundamental analysis of projects. Yes, fundamentals, shmundamentals… scams pump the hardest in crypto, as they say. But this is another essential tool to be aware of and refer to during times of volatility (and not only).


Dune Analytics is a powerhouse when it comes to blockchain research. As Dune explains in its docs, it provides "all the tools you need to discover, explore, and visualize vast amounts of blockchain data." They ain't lying! A selection of what Dune can do for you:
  • Discover a vast array of data in text and visual form, thanks to Dune's dashboards. A few random examples: DEX metrics, stablecoins, Ethereum on Bitcoin.
  • Everything from L1s to L2s to protocols to NFTs to you name it. If the data exists, someone has probably added it to Dune already.
  • The option to create your own queries and dashboards to track data you're interested in. Knowledge of SQL is required.

Dune is maybe the biggest data dump in all of crypto and an absolute staple of every analyst's toolbox.


Messari is one of the biggest crypto research firms in the game. They cover almost anything you need with their Messari Research and Messari Data products. What you can find:
  • Data, loads of data: a chart explorer, fundraising metrics, protocol data.
  • Research, loads of research: Messari publishes research reports almost daily about almost any topic in crypto, such as DAOs, L1 and L2s, Web3, NFTs, Macro, and more.
  • Quarterly and year-end reports.

One caveat of Messari is that much of its research is not free. You have to sign up for a Pro or Enterprise account to get the most in-depth analysis.

The Block

The Block is another crypto research firm with a research and a data branch. The Block Research publishes reports and The Block Data aggregates useful data. What you can find:
  • Research reports on blockchains, funding, macro, web3… you name it!
  • Market data, on-chain metrics, DeFi and NFT data.

Similar to Messari, some of the reports are free and some are paid. The Block's data dashboard is free, although they also have a more granular paid version. Another useful resource to have in your bookmarks.

Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital is yet another crypto research firm. They don't provide data but a lot of very high-quality research. Some examples:
  • How to navigate token unlocks
  • "The year ahead" reports (e.g. on markets, DeFi, NFTs, gaming,...)

And these are free! There is, of course, a paid section, but even some of the free stuff is excellent.


Glassnode is an on-chain analytics tool providing research and data on Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. Any time s**t hits the fan and on-chain data has to be analyzed, such as when FTX or Luna went under, Glassnode will be among those that "check the chain." What you can find on Glassnode:
  • Glassnode Insights, which are research reports on the on-chain state of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Other on-chain reports, such as liquidation data.
  • The Glassnode Studio, where you can dig for relevant on-chain data yourself. For instance, segmenting chains by active addresses and more.

Glassnode's on-chain newsletter is free and a good read to keep up with the state of the main blockchains. Its Studio product is paid.


Nansen is another on-chain analytics company providing data and research into the crypto sector. It's a favorite in the crypto scene to track wallet movements and decode large fund movements on-chain. What Nansen does:
  • On-chain research reports of different blockchains and events.
  • Quarterly reports of alternative L1s and L2s.
  • Data analytics and portfolio tracking.

Some of Nansen's research reports are free and some are gated. The analytics tools and dashboards are paid products, although some can be accessed with a free account.


Chainalysis is a major on-chain blockchain analytics company. It provides various services and is used by crypto and non-crypto parties alike. Chainalysis products include:
  • Research reports like its Global Crypto Adoption report or its Crypto Crime report.
  • High-level crypto intelligence like address screening, customer intelligence for crypto companies, and transaction monitoring for AML/KYC compliance.

Chainalysis is considered one of the biggest players in the on-chain analytics field, with its business spanning beyond crypto companies into the fields of policy and investments.

Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is a crypto intelligence company providing various services and products. It offers:
  • A blockchain search engine for transactions, blocks, and addresses.
  • Data feeds with real-time data from exchanges and DeFi.
  • Charting tools.
  • Research spanning various sectors, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and more.

The research reports of Coin Metrics are free. Most of the data feed and analytics tools are paid products.


DappRadar is an all-in-one solution for tracking decentralized applications, DeFi data, NFTs, and more. It covers:
  • Tracking and analysis of Dapps, NFTs, tokens, and DeFi.
  • An airdrop calendar.
  • Token swaps.
  • A portfolio manager.
  • An NFT explorer.
  • Research about Dapps, NFTs, DeFi, and GameFi.


Tokeninsight is a crypto market intelligence company. Its standout product is research reports. In particular, Tokeninsight publishes quarterly reviews and token ratings of new and established projects. Most of its reports cover DeFi, GameFi and NFTs and are free to read.

Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital is a digital asset fund that also produces research reports. Although the reports cite data from other crypto analytics firms on this list, you can find useful information there. Examples:


Coinglass is a crypto trading and information platform. It's particularly popular for its data on liquidations, open interest, longs vs shorts ratio, funding rates, and other trading-related data.


Artemis is a web3 analytics platform that also provides weekly ecosystem reports. Its dashboard covers developer activity, protocol usage, data on DEX trading volumes and users, and analytics for different L1 and L2 chains. Moreover, Artemis' research reports are free and cover the activity in different ecosystems.

Token Unlock

Token Unlock is a useful little tool to keep track of token unlocks. It aggregates tokenomics and token unlock schedules of different projects. This is particularly handy for assessing whether a token's price is fair compared to its fully diluted value. Token Unlock also publishes a yearly report covering token unlocks.

Read also: Fully Diluted Market Cap - How Emissions Kill Tokens in a Bear Market

Crypto Fees

Crypto Fees is another handy tool with a single use case. It shows how much fees protocols and blockchains have generated over the last day or last week. This can help identify promising protocols which actually generate revenue and thus see real adoption. The site also links to similar info pages like:


NFT Go is an NFT analytics platform. It provides an array of different NFT-related analytics:
  • Top collections
  • Top mints
  • Newly added collections
  • Watchlist
  • Macro, mint, holder, and collection analytics

NFT Go also publishes various research reports about NFTs and web3. All its products and research reports are free to access.

NFT Price Floor

NFT Price Floor is a tracking website for NFT price floors and other NFT analytics. As a marketplace aggregator, it covers all relevant NFT stats, charts, and other NFT data. NFT Price Floor is free to use.

How To Use Crypto Analytics Tools?

Crypto analytics tools are helpful in several ways.

Research Token Price Fundamentals

You can assess whether a token is fairly priced by looking at a few easy simple metrics and comparing it to competitors. There is an entire guide on How to Value Blockchain Protocols.

Investigate the Flow of Funds

On-chain analytics allow you to track the flow of money across the crypto economy. You don’t need to be a financial auditor to do this either. Accounts like Whale Alert make your life easy. Here is a good thread on how to track whale wallets on-chain:
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Learn About Different Sectors

Several companies in this list publish long research reports. Since CoinMarketCap is here to make it easy for you, we track the most interesting reports, so you can just keep track of our Tech Deep Dive section. But if you want to go really deep into the nitty gritty of a sector, companies like Messari and Delphi Digital produce excellent research about even the most obscure crypto niches.


Of course, there are many more crypto analytics tools. Collectiveshift compiled a list that also includes chain-specific and project-specific analytics tools. Some protocols collect data themselves, which can be used to analyze the fundamental value of token prices.

However, armed with this list of crypto research tools, you will have more than enough data points to research projects inside out. Good luck!

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