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Informácie o PathDAO

PathDAO was birthed with a vision to create two interlacing paths. The first path is for the masses — retail investors seeking to navigate the blockchain gaming and NFT-scape through robust asset management. The second path is for the players — gamers and people who have lost income and livelihood during the pandemic looking for a path forward in their bleakest days.

PathDAO is the intersection of these two Paths, amplifying value for both investors and players.

PathDAO focuses on: - Building a play-to-earn gamer community - Investing in blockchain-based game assets - Creating a platform for innovative blockchain & NFT projects - Bringing fintech / DeFi products to the unbanked scholars in developing world - By executing the aforementioned three key activities, PathDAO is expected to create value for treasury and PathDAO token holders via - Blockchain-based game asset investment - Play-to-earn asset rental (i.e. scholarship revenue sharing) - Active game involvement (e.g., Axie breeding, land assets crafting) - Primary sale & secondary royalties of NFT games / projects launched by PathDAO - Revenue from fintech / DeFi products