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What Is AlgoPainter?

AlgoPainter is a decentralized application platform designed to make programmable art in form of NFTs on the blockchain.

Using the platform, you can choose an artist and have your unique and exclusive artworks! Each composition is minted as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain. An AlgoPainter can be software or a known artist. If it is software, the developer can integrate it into the platform. If it is a known artist, he/she can send the work for auction or receive orders from collectors. Users can create, sell and collect unique artworks and receive commissions for participating in auctions due to the BidBack System.

ALGOP is the native utility token that is used for, but not limited to:

  • Participating on the PIRs system;
  • Participating on the BidBack System;
  • Buy digital pieces;

How Many ALGOP Coins Are There in Circulation?

Who Are the Founders of AlgoPainter?

Where Can I Buy AlgoPainter (ALGOP)?