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31,300,000 LUART
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1,000,000,000 LUART

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Despre Luart

Luart is a gamified NFT launchpad and marketplace built on the Terra Network. $LUART is the utility token of the Luart Platform.

The core utility of the $LUART token comes from Luarts gamification features. At the core of Luarts gamification feature is LUA Power. LUA Power is the in platform scoring system which allows users to earn discounts on trading fees, redeem for rare NFTs, participate in the Luart DAO and earn $LUART airdrops. Buying the $LUART token and utilizing it within the Luart ecosystem is one of the best ways to accumulate LUA Power. LUA Power can only be accumulated through the functions of the $LUART token and minting/buying NFTs on Luart. $LUART is essential to the gamification experience Luart is delivering.

Luart is focused on bringing top quality NFT projects to the community. We treat projects as our partners, removing the hassle of users worrying about rug pulls and unrealistic roadmaps. Luart merges a simple yet beautiful UI/UX which provides a seamless minting and trading experience for users.