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Statistici Ark Rivals
Capitalizare de piață


RON 96,114
Volum (24h)


RON 7,507,488
Volum/Capitalizarea pieței (24 ore)
Stoc circulant auto-raportat
45,000,200 ARKN
Stoc total
1,000,000,000 ARKN
Stoc maxim
1,000,000,000 ARKN
Capitalizare de piață complet diluată
RON 2,135,858
Convertorul ARKN în RON
Performanța prețului
Nivel record
Feb 23, 2022 (2 years ago)
Minim istoric
Jun 22, 2023 (8 months ago)
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În listele urmărite1,212x
5403rd / 8.9K
Self-Reported Tags
MarketplaceCollectibles & NFTsContent CreationAfișează toate
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Știri Ark Rivals


Despre Ark Rivals

Ark Rivals is an epic sci-fi action strategy NFT game of resource wars based on User-generated content (UGC) to play, create, and earn. At first glance, Ark Rivals can basically be described as the “Clash of Clan” + “Starcraft” Play-to-Earn real-time strategy game. The game tells the scene of a factions war between Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn to gain universal control of the economy and power.

Developed by Topebox – a veteran in creating hit titles on Appstore and GooglePlay with experience in blockchain games, Ark Rivals come with very familiar yet innovative gameplay and in-game tokenomic models.

Both Mainstream and Crypto Players in Ark Rivals benefit from the battle pass in different aspects. Free-to-play players can collect resources and earn non-NFT items as traditional games. In contrast, Crypto Players with ARK tokens can mint non-NFT items into NFT for trading or buying Minner Device. Both NFT and non-NFT items can be used to buy yourself lands to participate in the Faction Wars to earn ARKA and even more lucrative rewards.

This hybrid model is established to create a healthy and sustainable business model for both gamers and developers.