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Statistici Adshares
Capitalizare de piață


RON 67,587,456
Volum (24h)


RON 151,399
Volum/Capitalizarea pieței (24 ore)
Stoc circulant
38,749,165 ADS
Stoc total
38,758,206 ADS
Stoc maxim
38,758,206 ADS
Capitalizare de piață complet diluată
RON 67,603,225
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Performanța prețului
Nivel record
Jan 19, 2022 (2 years ago)
Minim istoric
Mar 06, 2019 (5 years ago)
Vezi istoricul datelor
În listele urmărite24,263x
1245th / 9.7K
MarketingGamingMetaverseAfișează toate
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Despre Adshares

What Makes ADS a Metaverse-ready Utilitarian Coin?

ADS coin serves as the digital advertising settlement for high-volume ad transactions across Web2, Metaverse and DOOH. All ad settlements that run in our ecosystem are made by ADS coin. It creates the direct payment deals between publisher and advertiser without intermediaries. The presented system increases the profit for publishers, and saves the funds of advertisers accordingly.

The Adshares blockchain is based on dPoS consensus - making it lighter, faster and greener than PoW chains.. Proprietary blockchain has enough capacity to handle the transactions from the entire programmatic advertising market - 1,400,000+ transactions per second. The coins are deflationary due to the native burning. One of the perks for the Adshares community is the staking system, that is working in the following way: ADS native holders receive ADS coins on their wallet from the part of the fees of each ad transaction made between publishers and advertisers on Adshares protocol.

The practical value of ADS is the transparency of the ad-buying value chain. ADS facilitates metaverse and blockchain game landowners to generate income by providing ad space for display ads. The future utility of ADS coin for holders is the opportunity to vote on proposals and decisions of the platform development, as Adshares plans to implement a DAO in Q4 2022.

ADS is aiming to become the main payment tool in all advertising transactions across the world.

What is Adshares Protocol (ADS)

Where Can You Buy the Adshares (ADS)