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仮想通貨:  3,025市場:  20,780時価総額:  $204,456,316,02124時間のボリューム:  $77,545,916,818BTCドミナンス:  66.1%
時価総額:  $204,456,316,02124時間のボリューム:  $77,545,916,818BTCドミナンス:  66.1%仮想通貨:  3,025市場:  20,780

An Introduction to the World of Cryptocurrency

Welcome to CoinMarketCap! If you’re new to the world of crypto, we’re glad to have you with us. When we started CoinMarketCap in 2013, we were just enthusiasts who wanted to build a tool to track different cryptocurrencies for our own reference (there were no good ones yet then!).

Fast forward to today, we have over 2,000 cryptocurrencies on the site now, and many more added every day. With this guide, we hope to arm you with a good overview of what cryptocurrencies and blockchains are – then, go forth and explore the universe of cryptocurrencies on your own, looking at the thousands of cryptocurrencies and exchanges now listed on our site.