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Statistik EGO
Kap pasar


Rp 54,750,208,125
Volume (24j)


Rp 69,649,158,029
Volume/Kap pasar (24 jam)
Suplai beredar
56,608,820 EGO
Suplai total
323,000,000 EGO
Suplai maksimum
323,000,000 EGO
Kapitalisasi pasar terdilusi penuh
Rp 312,395,086,997
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Performa harga
Tertinggi sepanjang masa
Mar 20, 2024 (a month ago)
Terendah sepanjang masa
Nov 22, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Dalam daftar pantauan27,341x
1139th / 9.7K
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Berita EGO


Tentang EGO

EGO is an internal token of the Paysenger service.

Paysenger is a collaboration platform for content creators, fans and brands, bringing together the best tools for content monetization and audience engagement. Paysenger uses state-of-the-art technology as well as proprietary AI developed in collaboration with Dr. Tamay Aykut previously v.a. Prof @ Stanford. The project is developed by an experienced team and is supported by major blockchain platforms such as Polygon and ConsenSys.

On the platform, users can send authors paid requests for exclusive content, tips or expert opinions as well as consume paid content on a subscription basis.

Paysenger expands the paid creator audience by allowing users to support creators and commission their content with EGO tokens that can be earned by completing tasks on the platform.

Paysenger also allows idea creators (such as sponsors and brands) to collaborate with creators, leading to the creation of new content and bringing ideas to life. Fans get to support creators, communicate with them and order media content.

Many artists find AI tools unethical because they often use datasets containing artwork taken from the Internet without permission. This can lead to visible watermarks or signatures. In addition, AI art can undermine the skills of human artists and use their labor for profit when selling generative art. Paysenger introduces a personalized AI model, an exclusive, artist-specific AI model that learns and generates art in the creator's unique style.

Paysenger aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, creating an ideal environment for the mass adoption of blockchain technologies and attracting millions of Web2 users to Web3 technologies.