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क्रिप्टोकरेंसी: 2.4M+
एक्सचेंजों: 770
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MiraQle के बारे में

Be the Change.

No more Secrets.

One United Currency.

Mission and Vision "Vision": To establish a global network of decentralized, content creator and fan-driven pan entertainment platforms. "Mission": To transform the corporate-driven global music industry to a new dimension and bring fans to the core of the music industry.

Founders CEO Ross Lee studied Business Management at Seoul National University. Ross witnessed the paradigm shift in the music industry during his early career in iRiver as advanced technology disrupted the traditional music business. With successful performances acknowledged from iRiver, he then joined POSCO and Nature Republic international business division continuing to passionately contribute in implementing innovative strategies adaptation. Through his numerous experiences, he became a passionate advocate of implementing innovative technology and tirelessly looked for ways to connect the dots to create a unified universe.

CTO Min Jang was awarded a Ph.D. in Computer Science in POSTECH, one of the elite engineering colleges in Korea, and is one of the best experts not only in blockchain technology but also in modern computer science such as AI machine learning and data mining. He has contributed his knowledge in major projects such as Seoul National University New Technology Joint Research Center, LG Electronics, and Hancom Group. His expertise in building a blockchain ecosystem has allowed the MiraQle project to be developed into a stable and reliable ecosystem. Currently, he is serving as an adjunct professor in the Department of Value Creation & Convergence, an Operating Committee of the Blockchain Advanced Management Program, and Chairman of the APGC Blockchain Division.

CMO David Om studied International Relations and Affairs at Korea University and debuted his career as a founder of F&I Institute which was a huge success. With his expertise in coordination and consulting, David then joined Dong-A Pharmaceutical as a Regional Manager of India acquiring and managing numerous new trade partners. David later advanced his career as the Co-founder and Marketing Consultor at Pixel Punch and Business Development Manager in Nature Republic where he first met Ross Lee. Both shared the same vision and became the core role in MiraQle by leading an exceptional team specialized in marketing, legal and international affairs.

Revenue Model With MQL, fans can use them in a variety of services, from participating in the album production stage to purchasing artist goods. Through the establishment of the global music market ecosystem, the MiraQle Project can generate revenues not only from global collaboration album sales, but also through streaming rates, and used MQL within this ecosystem will be burned. Collaboration albums between Chinese and Western industry-leading artists can be endlessly reproduced into derivative products such as concerts and goods that will be distributed worldwide. In addition, NFT products with high quality will be produced and are purchasable through MQL in various marketplaces. In addition, MiraQle is developing a new business model through participation in staking and funding of these NFT artworks.

Product/Service Line Description

FanPick FanPick is a voting application that allows global fans to directly be involved in the production process in creating a collaboration album through various methods. Users can receive MQL when voting FanPick’s recommendations of preselected project listings. Users can also spend MQL on UGC (user-generated content) by creating their own desired album projects ranging from selecting the album genre to artists’ outfits in the music video and voting. The collaboration artists and album concept with the highest votes will be nominated as the next featuring artists for the DreamX Project. In addition, fans will vote using MQL for a selection of artists’ IP NFT products created by VERS and the product with the highest votes will be given to the voter who spent the most MQL. All these processes are transparent and non-distorted through blockchain technology.

DreamX This project initiated in 2019 as a collaboration of Michael Jacksons’ tribute album, “Let’s Shut Up & Dance” featuring Jason Derulo, Lay of EXO, and NCT 127 and released its 1st official collaboration album “Season For Love” in February 2021 featuring Silence Wang and Lenka. This album was later remade in the Chinese version by Shuang Sheng in May 2021. 7SIX9 Entertainment begins its album and music video production with experienced producers and professionals after the global collaboration lineup is finalized from FanPick. A strategic partnership with VERS, a new media company that specializes in NFT artwork creation, will add value to attract more global fans to purchase exclusive artists’ NFT merchandise and aesthetic goods.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) MiraQle is creating exclusive NFT contents using DreamX Artists’ IP (Intellectual Property) along with various creative media art technologies. NFT products include DreamX albums, artists and MV clips/images, and cross-culture artworks. MiraQle is in development on exclusive entertainment NFT proprietary filter module app & web, NFT Marketplace (AR, VR), and collateral security for financial derivatives.

EnterPlus After collaboration albums are complete, numerous music contents and related goods such as physical albums, concert tickets, and other merchandise will be distributed through EnterPlus, an online shopping mall linked with MQL.

EnterPlus Website: https://enterplus.net/

MusicQ MusicQ is an application that is an innovative platform where music meets social media. MusicQ enables users to share their favorite music playlists across streaming platforms, currently between Spotify and Apple Music. Users can discover music, create playlists, and discuss & vote together. Music rooms are available for users to create UGC (user-generated content) involving DJs, curators, and many more interactive events through such features. MusicQ was first launched in March 2021 in the Android version and expanded release territory, releasing in 10 more countries worldwide. IOS version is in beta-testing and will be soon released towards the end of 2021. MusicQ Website: https://musicq.site/

Project Type

Utility Token: Token Description: MiraQle (MQL) has a unique economy in that it can be used across multiple entertainment platforms.

Token Usage: The global music market itself is the future platform for MQL circulation. "Planning-ProductionDistribution-Consumption" are the core components of the differentiated ecosystem model prepared with all stages of the music platform.

FanPick : All voting processes require spending MQL. Each fan vote transaction data(from purchase to voting on an artist/collaboration album concept) is stored on the blockchain. Fans are rewarded based on their support and involvement in projects, as well as MQL rewards.

NFT: MQL is used for purchasing, staking, funding, and collateral securities.

MusicQ: Creating premium playlist/room, buying premium playlist/room, and sponsoring DJ, celebrity activities require the use of MQL. Another way around users/celebrities is rewarded for sharing the best music playlist based on users' popularity.

EnterPlus: All the EnterPlus products can be paid for with MQL. (Additional discounts and rewards provided).