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Itchiro Games, at its core, is a team of old-school game developers that happened to be DeFi hobbyists. As a team, Itchiro Games saw many interesting DeFi mechanisms from AMMs to investment mutuals and snapshots — that have massive potential for creating value in the gaming industry. Itchiro in Japanese means “first-born son” (イチロー). Many of us originate from Japan, and for most of us, this is our first DeFi project.

As game developers, Itchiro Games also realized that software tooling on Ethereum is limited for game developers who simply want to call a function() on an SDK and create a wallet, mint a token, transfer an asset simply read live price feeds from the main net.

Itchiro Games is going to build the infrastructure & marketplace for indie studios like ours to issue & sell blockchain-based items. But before getting there, Itchiro Games will have to start small — by building tools and apps for end-users to adopt crypto assets.