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Dopex मूल्य (DPX)


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24 घंटे
DPX  Dopex DPX
मार्केट कैप
फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप
24 घंटे
वॉल्यूम / मार्केट कैप
Self Reported Circulating Supply
115,000.00 DPX
कुल आपूर्ति
कुल आपूर्ति

Dopex/USD चार्ट

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DPX प्राइस लाइव डेटा

लाइव Dopexकी कीमत आज $1,474.36 USD है, और 24 घंटे के ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम $380,692 USD हम रियल टाइम में हमारे DPX से USD के भाव को अपडेट करते हैं। Dopex पिछले 24 घंटों में 9.97% नीचे है। वर्तमान CoinMarketCap रैंकिंग #3686, जिसका लाइव मार्केट कैप मौजूद नहीं है। है। परिसंचारी आपूर्ति उपलब्ध नहीं है और अधिकतम 500,000 DPX सिक्कों की आपूर्ति।

Dopex is a decentralized options protocol which aims to maximize liquidity, minimize losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers - all in a passive manner for liquidity contributing participants.

Option pools are created for all options on Dopex, which allows anyone to participate and deposit base/quote for their respective pools to gain passive income from option writing and purchasing discounted options through liquidity pools which could then be arb-ed for an instant profit. The protocol is governed by users via a limited supply governance token, DPX, which would also be used for collecting protocol and app layer fees. Dopex also offers a rebate system for losses incurred for option writers based on exercised options for every epoch. The rebates are paid in the form of a theoretically infinite supply token, rDPX.

Rebates are calculated based on percentage losses incurred by option writers for an epoch and a percentage of rDPX relative to the value of losses incurred are minted and distributed to option pool participants. The percentage rebate is determined by a governance process based on votes by DPX holders within the protocol.

The rebate allows for option writers to gain a superior return in comparison to writing naked options or hedged option writing strategies of any sort.

rDPX can in the future, also be used as collateral to borrow capital from the margin pool to leverage option positions or to mint synthetic derivatives of assets supported within the protocol such as - cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, commodities, currencies etc.

This inherently gives the rDPX token real value and creates a positive feedback loop for liquidity to grow and option writers/traders to participate considering the deep liquidity, cheaper options to purchase and higher ROI from option writing.

DPX से USD परिवर्तक






United States Dollar

DPX मूल्य सांख्यिकी

Dopex मूल्य आज
Dopex मूल्य$1,474.36
प्राइस चेंज24h$-163.30
24h कम / 24h उच्च
$1,462.43 /
ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम24h$380,691.59
वॉल्यूम / मार्केट कैप0.002245
बाजार प्रभुत्व0.00%
Market Rank#3686
Dopex मार्केट कैप
मार्केट कैप$169,551,192.95
फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप$737,179,099.80
Dopex कीमत कल
कल का निम्न / उच्च
$1,462.43 /
कल का खुला/बंद
$1,580.58 /
कल का बदलाव


कल का आयतन$409,581.81
Dopex मूल्य इतिहास
7d निम्न / 7d उच्च
$1,463.52 /
30d निम्न / 30d उच्च
$0 /
90d निम्न / 90d उच्च
$0 /
52 सप्ताह निम्न / 52 सप्ताह उच्च
$0 /
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Dopex ROI


Dopex आपूर्ति
परिचालित आपूर्ति115,000 DPX
कुल आपूर्ति500,000 DPX
कुल आपूर्ति500,000 DPX