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24 horas
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24 horas
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11,980,558.78 SWG
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SWG Datos de Precio en vivo

Swirge precio de hoy es el $0.002654 USD con un volumen de comercio de 24 horas de $89,653.49 USD. Actualizamos nuestro precio de SWG a USD en tiempo real. Swirge subió 30.82% en las últimas 24 horas. La clasificación actual de CoinMarketCap es #2612, con una capitalización de mercado de $31,801.62 USD. Tiene un suministro circulante de 11,980,559 SWG monedas y un suministro máximo de 8,000,000 SWG monedas.

Swirge Platform is a decentralized social media, marketplace, and payment platform built on the blockchain. Built to give you control over your account data and finances. With our products, Swirge is more than a platform, it's and ecosystem!

  • Swirge ecosystem is a user-centric platform that is built with users in mind. First, to protect the user's data and information and give them total control over their data.
  • secondly, to give users the power to create wealth by socializing and the opportunity to take charge of their finances.

Our solutions offer a user-friendly social platform, and we are so proud to share it with the entire world.

DEX Social Media: Swirge is a decentralized social media platform that users complete control over their account data and privacy, Swirge is built on the blockchain.

DEX Marketplace: You control and manage your sales and also keep track of your purchases on the platform. You can create your customized online store with your own amazing and unique features. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank using any payment method of your choice.

DEX Wallet: This is a blockchain-based non-custodial wallet. We've created a fully decentralized and highly secure cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store cryptocurrencies for Bimamce Smart Chain (BEP20) tokens. The Wallet is built on the swirge social media platform and has a simple user interface. Users will have complete control over their private key and passphrase, allowing them to access their funds at any time. Users will also be able to import and export previous wallets to the swirge platform without losing any funds.

DEX Finance: Swirge Finance is a decentralized platform that enables users to stake and farm their supported tokens to yield rewards.

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Estadísticas de precios de SWG

Swirge Precio hoy
Precio de Swirge$0.002654
Cambio o vuelto de precio24h$0.0006253
Mínimo en 24h / Máximo en 24h
$0.001969 /
Volumen de Comercio24h$89,653.49
Volumen / Capitalización de mercado2.82
Dominio del mercado0.00%
Nivel de mercado#2612
Capitalización de mercado de Swirge
Cap. de Mercado$31,801.62
Capitalización de mercado totalmente diluida$21,235.49
Swirge Precio ayer
Mínimo / Máximo de ayer
$0.001945 /
Apertura/cierre de ayer
$0.001977 /
Cambio de ayer


Volumen de ayer$84,091.11
Swirge Historial de precios
Mínimo en 7d / Máximo en 7d
$0.001239 /
Mínimo en 30d / Máximo en 30d
$0.001242 /
Mínimo en 90d / Máximo en 90d
$0.00104 /
Mínimo en 52 semanas / Máximo en 52 semanas
$0.0003975 /
Máximos en todos los tiempos
May 11, 2021 (7 months ago)
Mínimos en todos los tiempos
Jul 27, 2021 (4 months ago)
ROI de Swirge
Sin datos
Swirge Suministro
Acciones en circulación11,980,559 SWG
Acciones totales79,709,911 SWG
Acciones máximas8,000,000 SWG