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663,717,042 SIN
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663,717,042 SIN
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SINOVATE (SIN) is an open-source blockchain-based peer-to-peer network for decentralized cloud storage and web 3.0. It was launched in 2018 as SUQA without any ICO/IEO or pre-mine and has been rebranded in 2019 as SINOVATE.

The project aims to offer a decentralized Cloud (dCloud) multi-chain ecosystem to answer the future challenges of web 3.0, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence on blockchain technologies.

SIN is the cryptocurrency that is used for:

  • Transaction and data transfer fees.

  • Payment of decentralized cloud data storage contracts.

  • Rewarding the Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Work (PoW) validators, and InfinityNode operators.

  • Initializing an InfinityNode to operate the Proof-of-Services (PoSe) layer for instant transactions and data storage.

  • Participating in the governance votes.

  • Interacting with the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

  • Creating tokens and sidechains with the InfiniteChain technology.

  • Blockchain-based electronic mail service b'Mail.

  • Blockchain-based private messenger service SINCORD.

  • Blockchain-based distributed file transfer protocol bFTP.

SIN tools include:

  • Explorers to track the transactions, blocks, and different network layers with a callable API for building applications.

  • Mobile and Desktop Wallets to support the user experience using SIN coins.

  • A Webtool to develop applications and realize tasks such as voting or creating invoices.

  • 1-click InfinityNode setUP inside mobile and desktop wallets.

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