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What Is NUNA token?

NUNA PROJECT ART is a collective of artists and creators. The NUNA token was launched on 21/10/2021 on Stellar blockchain and in 3 days all the public sale supply went sold out. NUNA team is based in Estonia.

Art and culture are part of our life and characterise the society in which we live. NUNA is an artistic initiative that aims to support artistic creation, dissemination and research. Our goal is to facilitate the access of the artistic community to the science and the new technologies. NUNA promotes team work between artists from different disciplines, operating in channels such as NFTs platforms, social, residences, workshops…


NUNA was founded by Elycolz and Munay, both with experience in art and cultural environment.

Elycolz - CEO NUNA PROJECT ART Audiovisual and graphic artist, interested in exploring new technologies related to artistic creation. Worked in different projects generating artistic, educational and promotional material in Europe and Latin America.

Munay - CEO NUNA PROJECT ART Artist and curator who combines audiovisual techniques with digital technology. Worked in different art projects and events in Europe and Latin America.

What Makes NUNA Unique?

NUNA has a great potential for artistic and cultural promotion and preservation. The project is giving access to different artists to the world of NFT, providing technical support, contributing to the dissemination and promotion of artistic projects and their creators. We want to provide tools that allow the accessibility to art, education, proof of authority, digitalisation, preservation, monitoring, evaluation and monetisation of art objects by turning them into valuable and liquid digital assets.

What is NUNA Token for? Exchange of art. Store of value. Reward for holders and collectors Support the art market. Support art and creation.

The currency was created to be decentralised:

1 000 000 000 tokens were created in genesis and are kept in a blocked account with an immutable flag and no more will be created. NUNA token ensures that its holders can be part in the operations of the network, those who hold the cryptocurrency have in fact the possibility participate in any decision and share ideas and suggestion to improve and develop the ecosystem.

Where Can You Buy NUNA token?

NUNA token can be found in the following dex:

Lumenswap: StellarTerm: Scopuly: Nicetrade: Lobstr: