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Acerca de Num ARS v2

NUM Finance is a project that aims to create stable cryptocurrencies that track the value of emerging market currencies. These cryptocurrencies are called Num Stablecoins.

Currently, there are several stablecoins in the crypto assets market. However, most of them follow the price of the currencies of developed nations. The most well-known examples are the stablecoins that track the U.S. dollar, such as USDT, USDC, DAI, etc.

The existence of these tokens was fundamental to the development of the decentralized finance ecosystem that thrives today on the main blockchains. Activity in decentralized finance protocols is growing in parallel with the circulation of these stablecoins. While there are other stablecoins that track the price of other currencies from developed countries, there are very few from emerging economies or Latin American markets.

Num Finance seeks to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance to millions of people and companies in emerging countries through the creation and promotion of Num Stablecoins.

It is precisely in these countries, where monetary problems such as inflation, capital controls, lack of access to credit and complex financial products abound; where decentralized finance can have the greatest impact on the lives of citizens and the economic activity of companies. With Num Stablecoins and the growth of their adoption, Num Finance seeks to strengthen local currencies by adding a product that can be used by market players in a completely open way.

Num Finance was created during the year 2021. One of the developers of the Num Finance idea is Mariano di Pietrantonio, current Co-Founder & Head of Strategy at Maker Growth, and who was previously part of the team at MakerDAO, the issuing institution of the decentralized stablecoin DAI. In 2021, Num Finance launched its first stablecoin: the Num ARS (nuARS), which tracks the Argentine peso.