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NADA Datos de Precio en vivo

We are a BEP20 token operating on the Binance-Smart-Chain with a deflationary concept that charges a 10% transaction fee.

Auto LP: 5% is automatically added to the liquidity pool

Static Rewards: 3% is redistributed to holders

Burn: 1% of the fees are burnt forever

Marketing: 1% is added to the Marketing Wallet in BNB

In a world full of “NFT Marketplace", " Learning App”, “Transparent Oracle Computation” and other tokens, Nothing has come to the conclusion that many of these “new” and “revolutionary” tokens are actually the same. Our mission is to show that we can generate the same amount of value with two easy steps and no empty promises.

  1. Build a strong, hungry community
  2. Be nothing

What’s the difference between a meme coin that claims to do something innovative and a meme coin that does nothing ? Nothing.