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  • Multiverse is the first true metaverse, with a token system and novel blockchain which allows for full decentralization, commerce, and recreation. It’s an ecosystem for building new ideas into startups and projects, all interconnected by our metaverse ecosystem, A.I. algorithms, community, and economy. A true metaverse requires actual businesses and individuals to operate and earn within it; otherwise, it’s simply an amusement park. Multiverse currently has over 50 venture capital funds participating and dozens of new startups building their businesses within our ecosystem. Existing approaches are either centralized (social networks), solely recreation (i.e. most people cannot earn a living within Fortnite), or limited to virtual real estate speculation. They are more akin to virtual theme parks or sandboxes with centralized control. Multiverse’s A.I. algorithms allow it to adapt, accept decentralized governance, and operate autonomously without human corruption or biases.

-When you transfer the ERC20 AI token into the Multiverse, it autonomously converts into the Multiverse blockchain’s native AI coin and opens up many additional use cases and possibilities.

  • Raising money for early stage ideas/projects on our platform
  • staking tokens to make investments into early stage ideas/projects on our platform

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