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MIND Games is a suite of Play and Earn games with DeFi instruments at the core of the game economy.

"A mind can change everything, on any scale, to any aspect of life or history. Our MINDS are meant to do just that." The DEX stands at the heart of our whole economic process, with Cortex (CRX) as a governance token and AUR as the first in-game reward!

In the Research Facility, players can deposit Cortex (CRX) as a form of staking, while Piero's Statue is a form of liquidity providing to receive Cortex (CRX) tokens. MIND Games has a Decentralized Exchange, usable NFTs, tokens, talents, missions, battles, cookies, and rewards!

The development of MIND Games will unveil an immersive, real-time strategy game with all the DeFi instruments integrated into the client build.