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Acerca de infraX

At InfraX we believe in the equal distribution of knowledge/power through the facilitation of GPU and AI resources. This is why we have designed a platform that allows $INFRA users the ability to participate, contribute and distribute technology derived from the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. By leveraging Blockchain technology, we can ensure the InfraX ecosystem upholds our core principles of transparency and security, allowing users the ability to indulge in InfraX's key features.

These include but are not limited to:

GPU Lending facility: Turn your inactive GPU into a source of passive income! GPU owners are given the opportunity to lend via InfraX, earning a percentage of $INFRA, depending on usage.

GPU Rental facility: Struggling with GPU shortages? InfraX facilitates seamless GPU rental protocols enabling decentralised, cost effective and price transparent services.

AI Node rental: Whether individual or corporate, users are able to access AI servers for a clear and concise monthly fee. By enabling easy and low cost access to AI capabilities, InfraX seeks to democratize the AI sector.

Pay-as-you-go Node usage: For those wishing to use AI processing on a more short-term basis, InfraX has you covered. We offer hourly usage rates, providing you with quick and easy access to short-term servers.

AI request Endpoints: InfraX provides an assortment of individual API endpoints aimed at various AI applications, including image and video processing. These endpoints are designed for seamless implementation, allowing the integration of AI functionalities into a plethora of diverse systems.

Staking for ETH Rewards: Users have the ability to stake their $INFRA holdings and earn passive rewards in Ethereum, incentivizing engagement and participation in the $INFRA ecosystem.

Pre-Configured or Custom VMs: InfraX understands that every users needs are different. We offer Custom configurations or quick deployment options that suit your individual needs, allowing for optimal performance tailored to your specific use case

Instant H100 access: Instant on-demand access through InfraX. The H100 excels in AI, data analytics, and HPC applications offering otherwise hard to obtain computation speed.