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Acerca de Goons of Balatroon

The Goons of Balatroon (GOB) is a hybrid metaverse project with a 2D/3D interface. It offers users access to a free-to-play/earn blockchain game that infuses trading card strategies and land ownership. GOB promises to bring players “fun first,” then earning opportunities.

The GOB game is built with Unity and the Ethereum blockchain and Immutable X Layer 2 solution to support the NFTs it offers. The game allows players to own and control in-game NFTs required for game functions. These NFT rewards create room for more earning opportunities and can be traded on secondary NFT marketplaces.

The game integrates functional NFTs into its platform to improve gameplay and boost engagement. These assets are not prerequisites for joining the GOB ecosystem or playing the game.

The assets include the Goon Characters, which are in-game avatars that differentiate one player from another and guarantee superior play-to-earn rewards. Since they are NFTs, no two Goon Characters can be exactly alike.

Other key NFTs are Goon Cards, which allow users to play the game and understand the ecosystem. The cards are not all NFTs, but the NFT-based ones are the most valuable and desired among all.

One thing that makes GOB stand out in the market is that it aims to reduce the barriers to entering the current play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. It does this by providing gaming experiences to users via a free play-to-earn model.

It also encourages inclusion, allowing Web 2 gamers to access the features on its Web 3 platform without a crypto wallet. Hence, its 2D/3D hybrid interface serves users from both gaming spaces.

•The GOB token•

GOB is the native cryptocurrency of the GOB ecosystem that powers the game economy and serves utility and governance purposes. The token has a fixed supply of 750 million GOB.

Gamers can passively actively earn GOB simply by playing or renting out their in-game NFTs to other players and sharing their rewards. Additionally, staking (not-listing) Goons NFTs and Goon Bods grants daily $GOB token rewards.

•GOB Receives $2.46M to Pursue its Goals •

April 2022, Goons of Balatroon completed a funding round that saw it raise more than $2.4 million from investors. The funding included some big names in the industry, including Vulcan Forged, Jun Capital, Merit Circle Inc., and more.

The project will use its fresh capital injection to accelerate the development of its card game and ecosystem. GOB will also leverage its partnerships with investors to access new opportunities.


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