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With the society of today being more connected than ever and better technology being developed every day, it is only normal to assume that our standards of living improve consistently. Unfortunately there has been an imbalance in this world for thousands of years and the situation is getting worse. Many people struggle to live a worthy life due to missing financial support or fatal events. This is why we founded Fairlife. We want to support the people that really need the help. Our idea is to use the hype and growth in the crypto community for a cause that actually improves people's lifes even if they do not even have the possibility to invest in crypto. This could mean donating to food banks, disaster help, anti slavery programs, anti child trafficking organisations, homeless shelters, hospitals or agricultural programs in places that struggle with poverty. Every time someone buys the fairlife token, a part of the transaction sum will go to the charity wallet that will then once a week be emptied in order to be donated to the program the community decided for. All donations will be livestreamed on twitch for everyone to join.