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EDX Datos de Precio en vivo

EduBits is the first, and only, token for education in the cryptocurrency space. The EduBits token aims to provide a new way for schools and universities to motivate kids to learn, in fact it is the first “Learn to Earn” application on the blockchain. Moreover, the project will build a new school in the metaverse allowing kids to enjoy learning in an innovative way.

How to participate in this revolution? To enable this innovation to reach every community, a new collection of NFTs will be launched, allowing anyone to acquire a territory of their choice as a franchise. The date of the launch is April 4th this year. Also, acquiring a minimum amount of 20,000 tokens will give you the franchise ownership of a territory. Or, 4,000 tokens will provide you the opportunity to sponsor access to the EduCode Platform for the kids of your community.