Criptomonedas:  11,084Intercambios:  390Cap. de Mercado:  $1,538,459,827,975Volumen de 24 horas:  $98,179,091,279Dominio:  BTC: 48.4% ETH: 17.3%ETH Gas:  30 Gwei
Criptomonedas:  11,084Intercambios:  390Cap. de Mercado:  $1,538,459,827,975Volumen de 24 horas:  $98,179,091,279Dominio:  BTC: 48.4% ETH: 17.3%ETH Gas:  30 Gwei


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Precio de ECOChain (ECOC)


0.000000405 BTC15.22%

0.000007036 ETH15.22%

24 horas
ECOC  ECOChain ECOCPrice: $0.016 15.22%
Cap. de Mercado
Capitalización de mercado totalmente diluida
24 horas
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Volumen / Capitalización de mercado
Self Reported Circulating Supply
38,165,635.00 ECOC
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ECOC Datos de Precio en vivo

ECOChain precio de hoy es el $0.016002 USD con un volumen de comercio de 24 horas de no disponible. ECOChain bajó 15.22% en las últimas 24 horas. La clasificación actual de CoinMarketCap es #5220, con una capitalización de mercado de no disponible. El suministro circulante no está disponible y un suministro máximo de 2,000,000,000 ECOC monedas.

What is ECOChain?

ECOChain, also known as a decentralized public chain, describes itself as a permission-less, secure, scalable blockchain. It aims to offer all advantages of a public blockchain: immutability, transparency, transaction capability. Additionally, embedding a virtual machine (VM), it makes it a platform to host Turing complete code (smart contracts). It is the bridge that connects applied technology and real-world markets based on blockchain. It aims to offer a brand-new solution for the economy and businesses. ECOChain was initiated by an international blockchain team that uses blockchain technology as a basis to explore the integration of the global economic market and the blockchain world and also build a global decentralized distributed ecosystem.

What is the Value of ECOChain?

ECOChain is a decentralized public blockchain which aims to provide security and scalability, running Proof-of-Stake consensus and supporting smart contracts by using Virtual Machine (VM) as executor. Moreover, it reportedly offers high transaction speeds (560 TPS) & short block creation times (32 seconds) for faster confirmation of transactions. ECOChain aims to work as the bridge which connects applied technology and real-world markets on blockchain technology.

How do you mine ECOC?

ECOC is based on a Proof-of-Stake system (PoS) which encourages more nodes to take part in the consensus algorithm and makes blockchain more decentralized as it has no mining cartels. Blocks are created on the blockchain every 32 seconds and a winning node receives 50 ECOCs as a block reward. Staking is necessary to motivate coin holders to run a full node. Running a node decentralizes it and makes it more secure. There is a small cost to run a node (server cost), so the reward must be greater than this. The staking reward is also a compensation for the risk of the investor.

How do you buy ECOC?

You can buy ECOC through any cryptocurrency exchange that supports ECOC or visit ( to see the list of trading venues for this asset.






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Estadísticas de precios de ECOC

ECOChain Precio hoy
Precio de ECOChain$0.016
Cambio o vuelto de precio24h$-0.002873
Mínimo en 24h / Máximo en 24h
$0.016 /
Volumen de Comercio24hSin datos
Volumen / Capitalización de mercadoSin datos
Dominio del mercadoSin datos
Nivel de mercado#5220
Capitalización de mercado de ECOChain
Cap. de MercadoSin datos
Capitalización de mercado totalmente diluida$32,004,182.29
ECOChain Precio ayer
Mínimo / Máximo de ayer
$0.016 /
Apertura/cierre de ayer
$0.0183 /
Cambio de ayer


Volumen de ayerSin datos
ECOChain Historial de precios
Mínimo en 7d / Máximo en 7d
$0.012 /
Mínimo en 30d / Máximo en 30d
$0 /
Mínimo en 90d / Máximo en 90d
$0 /
Mínimo en 52 semanas / Máximo en 52 semanas
$0 /
Máximos en todos los tiempos
May 04, 2020 (a year ago)
Mínimos en todos los tiempos
Jun 19, 2021 (a month ago)
Sin datos
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ECOChain Suministro
Acciones en circulaciónSin datos
Acciones totales223,217,150 ECOC
Acciones máximas2,000,000,000 ECOC