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Aug 31, 2022 (9 months ago)
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Acerca de DigitalDollar

DigitalDollar (DUSD) is a fully FIAT backed Stablecoin that is part of the Switzerland based banking alternative Fluid Finance SA with its product FLUID.

The DigitalDollar is an on-chain verifiable Stablecoin with a transparent and public accessible treasury: https://retail.fluidfi.ch/gw/open/v1/treasury/DUSD

The smart contract is coded in such a way that it is impossible for there to be more DUSD coins than USD reserves. For every dollar you mint, you will always get 1 DUSD. For every DUSD you burn, you will always get 1 dollar, both ways, in seconds. So that means if you’re holding DUSD you won’t even have to worry about 3rd party market rates, we will always redeem 1:1.

The fiat reserves themselves are held in Client Safeguarded Accounts. But, it also means that people can take advantage of any price differences.

The DigitalDollar enables all FLUID users to easily go on- and off-ramp with almost no slippage and easily and seamless bridges the world of traditional finance with the advantages of decentralized finance.


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