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DeFiTankLand is an entirely new gaming concept that creates a win-win environment where everyone wins.

Are you a player or an investor? Either way, you will find your place in the DFTL ecosystem!

Main concept of DFTL: - Players can use their skills to earn some serious money. - Players who don’t own a Tank (have no money to invest) can make money for free by using the lending/borrowing of tanks (they increase the power of the Tank for the original owner while they make money for themselves at the same time) -Investors can stake money in this tank's staking pool to help tankers and earn juicy returns.

Why us? - We have the most enjoyable and most profitable games for players in the blockchain ecosystem. - We have the best stable and profitable ecosystem for investors.

What stage are we at? - The DefiTankLand MMO game is ready! Join the DFTL army and be one of the best soldier on the battlefield.