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1,200,000,000 CENNZ
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1,200,000,000 CENNZ
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24 horas 
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Apr 25, 2018 (5 years ago)
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May 30, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Acerca de CENNZnet

What is CENNZnet?

CENNZnet is a New Zealand built public blockchain network which powers decentralised applications (DApps) and the crypto currency CENNZ and CPAY. It's a user-first dapp platform which makes blockchain based services accessible for first time builders and end users so that everyone can enjoy the increased network transparency, data privacy and reliability that decentralisation offers.

How does CENNZnet work?

The dual token economy

CENNZ - the staking token which works separately to block rewards. This means it can increase in value without impacting the cost of using the network. This is important so the price of CENNZ can continue to increase without impacting the amount developers and users pay to use DApps.

CPAY is the gas in the network and is used to pay transaction fees. It is also a block reward payment in staking. It’s designed to be algorithmically stable, so it will retain a steady value. This means developers creating DApps on the network can easily predict the cost of their application, and stakers can easily predict the value of their stake.

Consensus mechanism: Proof of Stake


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