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Kali has migrated to V2.

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What is Kalissa ($KALI)?

By creating a connection between newly popular NFTs and real-life items, Kalissa is the first crypto project to make progress in the goal of bridging the gap between real life and the metaverse. By allowing users to buy and trade NFTs that are related with both metaverse products and real-life products, Kalissa is creating a global marketplace that spans both worlds.

In the first NFT drop, Kalissa launched the first real-world clothing series, linked directly to a clothing line, accessible in the metaverse, enabling owners bring a part of their real life into a metaverse. Future drops will include new and exciting items within clothing, accessories and luxury items, all with the uniqueness and rarity that comes with a non-fungible token.

The innovative Kalissa Marketplace will let owners use the $KALI-token to trade these cross-World products with the added benefits of enabling global merchants to access international markets for real-life goods. Kalissa will also allow staking of NFT, Kali as well as create a Kali stablecoin to provide value-certainty to global merchants.

$KALI is the native utility token that is used for : • A unique means of payment in the Kalissa Marketplace • Staking opportunities of both $KALI and Kalissa NFTs • Discounts on drops • Exclusive drops for holders • Exclusive access to the Telegram group and VIP forum • Voting rights for governance decisions How many $KALI tokens are in circulation?

Kali launched its token on December 2, 2021. Only 5 million tokens are in circulation out of a maximum of 150 million. https://kalissa.io/kali-token/ Where can I buy Kalissa ($KALI)? $KALI is available for trading on Pancakeswap . https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xD790d1bEA5269985B07E967D610197DaB3791d13

What makes Kalissa unique?