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Αυτοαναφερόμενη κυκλοφορούσα προσφορά
4,331,684,426 IZE
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2,209,022,684 IZE
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50,000,000,000 IZE
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Υψηλό όλων των εποχών
May 04, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Aug 28, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Smart contract of the following asset can be modified by the contract creator (for example: disable selling, change fees, mint new tokens, or transfer tokens). Please exercise caution before taking any action and DYOR.

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Σχετικά με Galvan

What is Galvan?

Galvan is a gamified Web3 health and wellness platform founded by healthcare and blockchain experts with the mission to “galvanize” humanity to invest in wellness.

This mission is being accomplished through an ecosystem that rewards you for making healthy choices, informs you about ways to care for yourself and others, and empowers you to own and control your health data. By leveraging blockchain technology and a unique Proof of Action distribution algorithm, Galvan is turning self-care into a reward-generating activity and reintroducing personal accountability.

What is IZE?

Put Galvan and IZE together and you get galvanize: to shock or excite someone into taking action. IZE is the native utility token of the Galvan Blockchain and incentivizes all the right actions in the ecosystem, from running a node to going on a run.

You can get a deeper dive of IZE in Galvan’s Litepaper: https://www.galvan.health/litepaper

How Many IZE Coins Are There in Circulation?

IZE has a maximum supply of 50,000,000,000, half of which were distributed to Node Owners through the Galvan Blockchain in the first year. Each year thereafter, the amount of IZE issued is half of the previous year’s allocation. The official start date of year-one points accrual was Feb. 17th, 2022 at 00:00 UTC, serving as the date for annual halvings.

New IZE is distributed solely to Node Owners through the Galvan Blockchain.

What is the Galvan Blockchain?

The Galvan Blockchain is a layer-2 of Ethereum focused specifically on empowering wellness. It is unique for three reasons: 1. The “Proof of Action” distribution algorithm that follows Swiss utility token standards 2. Scalable blockchain-rewards system for healthy actions 3. Easy participation through Node Software

The long-term vision of the Galvan Blockchain is to become the foundation for health and wellness data and transactions. Imagine a world where you can store and manage a decentralized health record, earn rewards and subsidize healthcare costs through healthy actions, and participate in peer-to-peer research studies—all powered by the Galvan Blockchain.

What are Galvan Nodes?

At the foundation of the Galvan ecosystem are Galvan Nodes, which confirm transactions, earn daily IZE distribution, and provide governance for the blockchain. Community members can become Node Owners by purchasing node licenses. There are two types of licenses, which you can learn more about here: https://www.galvan.health/nodes

Once someone becomes a Node Owner, they also become a member of the Node Network DGF (Distributed Governance Framework), a blockchain coordination protocol made up of Galvan Node Owners. The Node Network DGF established the initial rules of the Galvan Blockchain prior to launch through a "Charter" vote, which was accepted by a majority of Node Owners on Nov. 27, 2022.