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47,610,113 OLAS
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536,256,363 OLAS
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Jan 03, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Nov 20, 2023 (3 months ago)
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1733rd / 8.9K
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Autonolas, also known as Olas, is a network of off-chain services that was launched in the summer of 2022 by a team based in multiple European and Asian countries. The network provides a unified platform for services such as automation, oracles, and co-owned AI. It offers a composable stack for building these services and a protocol for incentivizing their creation. Autonolas stands out by enabling the operation of these services in a co-owned and decentralized manner.

The services provided by Autonolas are designed to integrate crypto and AI, execute complex logic in a decentralized manner, and interact with on- and off-chain data autonomously and continuously. One of the innovative applications of this autonomous agent technology is Governatooorr, an AI-enabled governance delegate for DAOs.

The public token launch of Autonolas took place via a liquidity bootstrapping pool in July 2023. The OLAS token, the native utility token of the network, provides access to the network's core functions. Users can stake OLAS to operate off-chain services and lock OLAS in veOLAS to gain governance rights, contributing to the shaping of the network. OLAS also powers a unique system of developer incentives aimed at expanding the number of services in the Olas ecosystem. Governance members can boost ETH donations to services, made up of autonomous agents and their software components and referred to as 'useful code', with OLAS from the protocol. Existing token holders can bond LP shares involving OLAS into the protocol to increase protocol-owned liquidity, known as 'useful capital'.

Autonolas is on a steady growth path and is regularly adding support for additional chains. The project's goal is to be deployed on every major blockchain, powering their core off-chain services and realizing the vision of a unified network of off-chain services. For more information, visit the Autonolas website at https://olas.network.