How to Pick a Great Crypto Game to Play?

You will learn the definition and history of the crypto game industry. Then it will come to how to pick a great crypto game. Crypto games with a great potential of user base, sustainable tokenomics, strong IPs and good partnership or investors are wise choices. We will take TopGoal as an example.

What Is A Crypto Game And How Does It Evolve? 

Web3 blockchain elements in these games are most often evident in the use of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which players can buy, sell, or trade with other players. 

CryptoKitty is one of the earliest games using blockchain technologies. CryptoKitties introduced the concept of NFTs as unique assets that could be bought, sold, and traded in-game.

Another example is Axie Infinity. It was based on a card game mechanism with an innovative play-to-earn (P2E) game model.

The P2E model provides a revolutionary way for developers/publishers to reshape the game design philosophy and the relationship between game and players.

In the future when the crypto user base becomes much larger, crypto games will be an important synergy and bridge to convert non-crypto users into the crypto world.

How to Pick A Great Crypto Game?

1. Game with great potential of user base

Just like traditional games, crypto games can be categorized into many categories, such as role-playing, simulations, strategy, action, adventure, etc. In the current stage, we suggest users to play games potentially with a high user base. 

  • Games with well designed gameplay that matches the features of NFT and crypto tokenomics.
  • Games with high quality and retention to attract a large use base even without crypto. High quality does not necessarily mean the game should be a AAA console or PC based game since these games usually have a limited user base.
  • Mobile friendly or mobile first. Players spend most time playing games on mobile nowadays.

2. Game with sustainable tokenomics

The token economics of a crypto game is a very important factor to consider when deciding whether it has future growth potential. As the number of coins and tokens available in the market continues to grow, understanding how to use token economics in practice to find the most profitable long-term passive income opportunities is more important than ever. With the increasing number of traditional game players joining crypto games, we believe the key for a successful crypto game is a positive business model which can generate sustainable revenue and profit for the game ecosystem as a whole. 

3. Game with strong IPs

IP based games are one of the most important sectors of traditional games. If a crypto game has a strong and mature IP, it tends to get more traffic from the original fans of the IP. Users would not only gain profits from playing the P2E based crypto game, but also gain additional value from such NFTs. Strong IPs are easier to convert non-crypto users to crypto users, e.g. sports/entertainment/game IPs have a large base of fans globally. 

4. Game with good partnership or investors

An easy way to pick a crypto game is to learn more about its team experience and investment information. If a team has successful experience in building 3A games and bringing large profits in the past, it will be more reliable than the others. Good partnerships in the industry as well as backup from high profile investors are another important indicator when selecting great crypto games to play.

Why TopGoal? 

TopGoal is a crypto game with a great potential user base. It is a blockchain-based platform where 2.5 billion football fans can collect officially licensed NFT collectibles of their favorite players, and moments. TopGoal game metaverse will not only attract crypto game enthusiasts but also football fans who love this sport and are willing to explore the crypto world. 

TopGoal's carefully designed tokenomics gives the game a sustainable future. Have you ever heard of the dual-token model? In the current tokenomics design of the TopGoal ecosystem, we have two tokens. One is the DAO token GOAL and GameFI utility token TMT. At the current stage, the DAO token GOAL is not released yet. We are building and growing the TopGoal ecosystem in the early stage, with a focus on application scenarios and TMT. Meanwhile, there are many imaginable use cases for GOAL, like deciding which player to sign with in the next drop, which club to collaborate with, and even to fund a new football club that is owned by the DAO.

On the basis of the world's most popular sport, TopGoal is a crypto game with strong IPs, cooperating with world famous football players and institutions to bring officially licensed digital collectibles to global fans. With TopGoal, fans can not only collect digital NFT cards of players' historic moments and signatures, but also use these collectables to participate in TopManager and various related games and applications. Together with Michael Owen, Guti, Rivaldo, Batistuta, del Piero, Vieri, Ji-sung Park, Wesley Sneijder, Ashley Cole, and more legendary players, you are no longer an audience, but a player in this new football metaverse!

Finally, TopGoal is empowered by a strong team and reputable industry partners. It strategically partners with Binance and football institutions to bring world-famous players into the football metaverse and create one-of-a-kind, blockchain-backed collectibles for fans, letting them build their ultimate dream squad, and eventually compete against other players around the world through football games in the TopGoal metaverse. TopGoal also supports cross-chain solutions, making all NFT assets tradable across major blockchains in the industry. It will also explore the potential utility of such NFT assets online and offline with industry partners in certain football related scenarios, e.g. ticketing and online memberships. 

In the future, TopGoal plans to launch an AAA quality game product, along with other NFT game card product lines in collaboration with industry partners with top IP resources. It will also explore other utilities with partners to bring more value to its NFT collectables. Stay tuned for future updates!

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