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Selvrapporteret cirkulerende forsyning
19,166,684 TLAND
Samlede forsyning
99,062,635 TLAND
Maksimale forsyning
100,000,000 TLAND

TLAND community





TLAND is a global multi-chain platform, through which users from all over the world can participate in collective prefunds for the most desirable physical and digital assets, such as real estate or crypto goods/services.

Our mission is to facilitate for our users the joint purchasing of varying assets that may have been financially out of reach previously. Our investors can fundraise for real estate, metaverse lands, NFTs, or any other asset they see fit. We want to provide our users with a tool to help financially diversify their investment portfolios with underlying assets they may previously not have had access to.

Despite the instability of the Terra LUNA ecosystem in May of 2022, the TLAND project allowed its investors to safeguard their investments, retaining 100% of their value. This is irrefutable proof that each investor should have minimal-risk assets such as real estate in their portfolio.

Diversification through the goods and services provided by the TLAND platform gives any investor the stability and security they deserve to protect themselves from market sentiment and moments of instability, as these are not always easy to foresee.