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Surebets Decentralized Betting Platform (Surebets DeBP) will be the first of its kind to solve the problems presented above. Our Dev team wants to build a decentralized betting platform then hand it over to Surebets token holders to control and direct for the long run.

The original technical problem with creating a decentralized betting platform was how to bring the real-life outcome [data] of a betting event (who wins that Match between England and Wales?) onto the blockchain. With the advances in blockchain technologies our Dev team can now solve that problem by using Chainlink or similar technologies. Chainlink will enable us to connect our smart contracts to the outside world, i.e. outcomes of a betting event. Furthermore, “Chainlink's decentralized oracle network provides reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.” On top of technical advances provided by Chainlink, now we can build smart contracts on a cheaper network - transaction costs wise - like Binance Smart Chain to carry out the eventual payouts to the winners of any bet. The flow of the whole system is now flawless: tamper proof outcomes from the real world translated onto a smart contract to reward the winner of a bet automatically and immutably.