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kr 6,427,276
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kr 32,934
Volumen/Markedsværdi (24 timer)
Cirkulerende forsyning
17,468,925 ODIN
Samlede forsyning
138,200,000 ODIN
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Fuldt udvandet markedsværdi
kr 50,847,406
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24 timer 
Højeste nogensinde
Jan 02, 2024 (4 months ago)
Laveste nogensinde
Apr 21, 2022 (2 years ago)
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I overvågningslister4,981x
3292nd / 9.7K
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Om Odin Protocol

What Is ODIN Protocol (ODIN)?

At Odin Protocol, we are building a robust and reliable infrastructure for data acquisition. Our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is dedicated to creating a data-driven economy where individuals can monetize their data in a transparent, secure, and decentralized way.

We understand that AI, IoT, and ML are becoming increasingly prevalent in today's world, and with it, the need for data will skyrocket. We believe that individuals should start participating in data monetization now, as they are missing out on a lot of value that they can make by providing their data to the ecosystem. With the increasing importance of data privacy, more and more people are now realizing the importance of owning their data. We are building a system where people will be able to decide when they can share and when they can't. Whenever the data is shared, they earn from it, now or in the future.

Wallace is the core Odin wallet and is also a data wallet that will evolve with many new features like one-click data participation and Odin ID integration which ranks each user and the quality of their data all encrypted and owned and controlled by users.

Our unique approach includes an Oracle that helps verify information from APIs in the real world, as well as verifies data between the DAAPs that are providing data to Odin. This verification makes it possible for DAAPs to access verified data sets, which is crucial for compliance with data privacy regulations.

In addition, we are creating a game engine that allows different games to connect and share data. The players will be able to benefit by carrying this info or rankings over blockchain to other games, building a more profound and trustable user engagement. Odin is building its own game ODIN 9 Worlds (O9W) as the first game use case for it around Norse mythology, this is not just being built as an example but an actual playable and enjoyable game for the masses that we ourselves would love to play.

In conclusion, Odin Protocol is creating a new decentralized data economy where users can monetize their data and applications can access fresh and verified data sets. It is an exciting time & opportunity to be a part of the data economy and take control of your data.

How Many ODIN tokens are There in Circulation?

What else makes ODIN protocol special?

ODIN Protocol (Open Data Interoperable Network)

ODIN is the native utility token that is used in the following aspects: