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Our doxxed team brings you the newest Tokenomic on the Smart Chain: REBASE Our ever-diminishing supply guarantees a constant increase in price! Paired with 8% CAKE Rewards, UPCake is the next 1000X! Earn NFTs by staking: UpStake will allow holders to stake their tokens and earn NFTs. The

The longer you stake, the higher your chances of earning a rare NFT! NFTs can be used to increase your APY on UpStake vaults!

Tokenomics: Total Tax - 15% Cake Rewards: 8% - Automatically distributed every 5 hours Marketing: 4% - To ensure perennial growth Development: 2% - For the development of our staking vaults, NFT collections, and the constant monitoring of the Rebase function LP: 1% - For a healthier liquidity74,653,695,134,965.838