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Vlastní hlášená cirkulující zásoba
200,000,000 RIM
Celková zásoba
20,000,000,000 RIM
Max. zásoba
20,000,000,000 RIM

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What is RIM used for? ✓ Hatch the egg: The fee is 5 BUSD per time ✓ Egg combination: The fee is 1 BUSD per time ✓ Entrance fee: Each turn, players need a small amount of RIM to participate in the mortal combat room ✓ Food for snakes: If the play turn is over, the snake can’t get 5,000 points, it will automatically consume an amount of RIM equivalent to 0.1 BUSD/hour. This consumption will be displayed on the player's account ✓ Hold RIM and get weekly Airdrop rewards from 25% in-game transaction fees