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Solar — a decentralised community-driven project


Solar — a decentralised community-driven project


By Solar

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Solar — a decentralised community-driven project
We are Solar.
A decentralised community-driven project built on the principles of true governance, security, and transparency.

On December 2021, Binance acquired the outstanding shares in Swipe. Binance and Swipe have been working with regulated and licensed entities to issue Visa cards, with Swipe acting as Binance’s card program manager and technology platform.

Due to Swipe’s business focus and Binance’s acquisition, SXP (Solar) has fully transitioned to become an independent community-driven project.

Our mission is to create a platform whose direction isn’t dictated by individuals or singular entities but governed by the community, powered by enterprise-grade technologies, and built by open-source contributors.

We aren’t controlled by VC firms, exchanges, celebrities or social media influencers.
We remain committed to pursuing strong relationships wherever they may be found and welcome all who wish to build a better future.
We believe that collaboration drives innovation.
That the democratisation of data and the free flow of ideas is fundamental to technological advancement.
We believe that when we build together, we grow together… go further together.

We are Solar.


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