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IDEAS 💡 - IDEAS Platform Live!!

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IDEAS 💡 - IDEAS Platform Live!!



2 months ago
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IDEAS 💡 - IDEAS Platform Live!!

Dear All,

The first version of the IDEAS Platform is now live and available for everyone to access at any time!

Find it here:

Although we are still working on developing the platform, this is a significant milestone that lays the foundation for the complete product.


We will create tutorials to guide users through using the platform as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you can refer to the platform’s Docs for instructions.


General Approach

The platform can be broken down into the following sections:


  • Create account
  • Create profile
  • My Space
  • Donation Post

Investment Platform:

  • Borrowing Project
  • Donation Project
  • Investment Project

Recruitment Platform:

  • Job Assignment
  • Job Application

In Detail

The Profile section is where you can build your profile.You can create an account and upload your information, or remain anonymous.You can access your private space in the My Space section, and create a donation post.

Create Account

To use the platform, the first step is to create an account.The account will have a unique username and a unique email.The platform will send an email with a link to verify your email address.Currently, anyone can access the platform without owning any IDEAS.

Create Profile

After creating your account, you can update your profile information such as your name, location, and position, or leave it blank if you prefer to stay anonymous.You can use the platform and all its functions with an empty profile, you only need an email, a username, and a wallet address.

My Space

MySpace is your private area where you can find shortcuts and useful information about projects or jobs that you’ve created or participated in.

Donation Post

This function allows users to create a post, which can include text, an attached picture or video, and a donation button.For example, if you’re a YouTuber, you can create a post about your content and share the link on your channel, so that viewers can send you crypto donations.If you’re the head of a humanitarian organization, you can create a post for your organization and share the link on your website for individuals to make crypto donations.

This function can be used by anyone, but it will be particularly useful for influencers, celebrities, YouTubers, humanitarian or environmental movements, and others.

More to come later

We wanted to share this first version to demonstrate our progress on the platform development.
More updates and releases will be made regularly throughout the year as we work towards completing the product as per our roadmap.

Your Feedback is always welcome!

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