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Pool Mining Game Mode Chats

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Pool Mining Game Mode Chats



Created 5 months ago, last updated 5 months ago
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Pool Mining Game Mode Chats
We are listening to your ideas and desires, so chat rooms will appear in the game for NFT holders in the near future. Here's what you'll get with them.

First off, you'll finally be able to communicate with each other without leaving the game. You'll have a General Chat (open to everyone) and a Pool Chat (open to clan members) to do this.

Second, you'll see interesting and fresh statistics in the General Chat, such as:

• If 1,000, 3,000, or 5,000 manual clicks are made by one player during the round, a message about this will appear in the chat;

• The nicknames of the most active players in the round will also be there;

• Immediately after closing the block, you'll see the name of the winning pool, as well as which multiplayer this round was played with.

Just a little hint: information from the game's General Chat can help you both find the most promising pool (if you choose where to join) and recruit the best clickers (if you want to build a strong team).

Keep an eye on the game, communicate with each other, and develop the most winning strategies together.

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