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Decentralized Stacks (STX) Perpetual Futures Listing on Injective Pro

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Decentralized Stacks (STX) Perpetual Futures Listing on Injective Pro


By Injective

10 months ago
3 mins read
Decentralized Stacks (STX) Perpetual Futures Listing on Injective Pro

Today, Injective Pro has listed decentralized perpetual futures contracts for Stacks (STX). Stacks brings smart contracts to the Bitcoin network, making it possible for builders to build decentralized applications that benefit from Bitcoin’s security including DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and other web3 applications.

This marks one of the first Bitcoin-focused decentralized derivatives market on Injective Pro, allowing users to take part in new forms of trading strategies. You can now trade $STX with 5X leverage on an entirely decentralized order book with zero gas fees.

Trading Pair: STX/USDT PERP

Benefits of Trading on Injective

  • Long and short STX with 5X leverage
  • Decentralized order book (all of the pro functionalities of a CEX with none of the drawbacks)
  • Lightning Fast Speeds
  • Earn trading fee discounts through VIP tiers
  • Zero Gas Fees
  • Zero frontrunning
  • Zero MEV
  • Earn rewards with every trade
  • Own part of the exchange and determine its future via governance
  • Interact with the world of Cosmos IBC

STX-USDT Perpetual Futures Market Details

  • Underlying market: STX
  • Quote asset: USDT
  • Minimum Price Tick size: 0.001 USDT
  • Minimum Quantity Tick size: 0.01 STX
  • Expire: Perpetual (no expiration)
  • Maximum leverage: 5x
  • Initial margin ratio: 19.5%
  • Maintenance margin requirement: 5.00%
  • Trade and earn multiplier: 1X maker pts; 2.2X taker pts
  • Trading hours: 24/7/365
If you have any questions please let us know on Discord.

Happy Trading nINJas!

About Stacks

Secure smart contracts and apps for Bitcoin. The Stacks ecosystem is a collection of independent entities, developers, and community members working to build a user-owned internet on Bitcoin. The Stacks blockchain extends the design of Bitcoin to enable secure apps and predictable Clarity smart contracts without modifying Bitcoin itself, opening innovation on the network for the first time. The Stacks cryptocurrency (STX) is used as fuel for networking activity and contract execution and can be locked by STX holders via ‘Stacking’ to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards for supporting blockchain consensus. Stacks cryptocurrency was distributed to the general public through the first-ever SEC qualified token offering in US history.

To learn more about Stacks visit: Twitter, Linkedin, Discord, Telegram

New Listings

One of the most common requests we receive from users is listing new assets on Injective Pro. We encourage all community members to propose new listings via Injective governance. Ultimately, all INJ token holders have the power to list assets on exchanges built on Injective.
Stay updated on all new listings by joining us on Discord, Twitter and Telegram.

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About Injective

Injective is a custom interoperable layer one protocol for building powerful exchange, DeFi, derivatives & Web3 applications. Injective was created using the Cosmos SDK and is able to achieve instant transaction finality while sustaining lightning-fast speeds. INJ is the native deflationary scarce asset that powers the Injective Protocol and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by Pantera Capital.


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