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Welcome to ZIKJOB

Table of Contents

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Welcome to ZIKJOB



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Welcome to ZIKJOB

Table of Contents

Dear Community, we are excited to introduce you our project, ZIKJOB - Decentralized network for Career Opportunities

By applying blockchain technology and decentralization, we believe that the introduction of the ZIKJOB further revolutionized the recruiting process. Our journey toward the ZIKJOB Ecosystem is ongoing and we are glad to see so many of you have already joined us on the road!


ZIKJOB is one of the decentralized Recruitment Platforms. It is a great, new world for job applicants who can create a free ZIK profile to save both updated real-world achievements and footprints in the Metaverse world. Recruiters are also benefited as they can have access to applicants' information on the initial stage of the recruiting process, before interviewing begins. ZIKJOB will provide an unprecedented Recruitment Experience for the crypto community, bringing users together all in one immersive and engaging environment.

The blockchain’s decentralized structure opens up possibilities for a whole new level of automation and trust in the hiring process. Individuals will have their information stored on a blockchain, inclusive of academic certificates and work history. It will be within their control to choose who this information is shared with since all information is recorded on a ledger across multiple locations. It helps in  protecting our platform from security breaches and fraud attempts, reducing the possibilities of making fake entries as any false info would be automatically rejected. By using the world’s most advanced blockchain technology, ZIKJOB will leverage this technology to create a stunning user experience

Cutting out the middleman, ZIKJOB connects candidates directly with Recruiters and creates the evolving ecosystem that empowers users sharing and visibility.

In our ecosystem, the native token of ZIKJOB is $ZJS and holders will be known as Zikkie. ZJS Token is a utility token built on Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) that will be used within the ZIKJOB ecosystem. Zikkies  can use ZJS tokens for Purchasing & Governance.

Be part of a community that builds and creates the future of Metawork.

The Mission

We are building the biggest recruitment blockchain ecosystem. Our mission is to give all candidates a place to promote professional skills development in the Metaverse era by providing a platform to connect, share, learn and help businesses recruit the right people for the right jobs through reliable and quality candidate profiles.

ZIKJOB can ensure this via a unique platform where applicants and recruiters are linked together.

We are delighted to welcome you all to join our journey and learn more about ZIKJOB on the following social channels. The beta version of ZIK profile is upcoming - Follow us now to stay updated!



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