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ShopNEXT and Visa Partner up to Introduce the Earliest Web3-Based Loyalty Platform

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ShopNEXT and Visa Partner up to Introduce the Earliest Web3-Based Loyalty Platform


By BlockchainReporter

6 months ago
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ShopNEXT and Visa Partner up to Introduce the Earliest Web3-Based Loyalty Platform
ShopNEXT has chosen Visa as its partner to introduce the initial loyalty platform that would operate on Web3. Any consumer possessing a Visa card will be permitted to not just shop comfortably but additionally receive token rewards. The respective original loyalty platform will likely assist several million merchants in enhancing their business as well as play a significant part in swiftly stimulating the worldwide economy along with the provision of the Web3 world to the common masses. In March, Visa introduced its NFT program as well to support creators.

ShopNEXT Collaborates with Visa for the Initial Loyalty Platform Based on Web3

Visa Offers Platform’s card-linked feature is used by ShopNEXT to permit customers to create a connection between a Visa card as well as the mobile thereof. ShopNEXT will also utilize VisaNet to have the capability to track the entirety of the effective card payment transfers as well as reward clients with tokens rapidly. The token of ShopNEXT is loyalty-based however it is different in the case that blockchain technology provides its basis.
Apart from that, ShopNEXT additionally launches in-app gameplay along with NFT cards to provide consumers the choice to increase their rewards. NFTs, gamification, and shopping facilities will offer an exclusive Shop-To-Earn model. Dissimilar to Move-To-Earn or Play-To-Earn, the Shop-To-Earn model counts as considerably sustainable due to its contribution of actual worth to the finance by constructing a successful partnership with the entirety of the relevant parties.

The customers are persuaded to shop for additional earnings and token rewards to assist the merchants to broaden their businesses. ShopNEXT, to fortify the uniqueness of the model, described the latest term named External Profit Reserve (EPR). All the profit, which is taken from the sales commission of the card issuers and merchants, will go to EPR for the support of the tokens released across the market. With this, it will be made sure that each of the tokens has an inherent value generated on the behalf of the consumers via their shopping.

Executives Expect an Enormous Expansion in Web3 and Blockchain Economy

The CEO of ShopNEXT, Mr. Linh Le, provided his remarks on the respective collaboration. He stated that they intend to be benefited from Web3 world’s beauty to develop an attractive loyalty platform at a time when the worldwide economy is going through enormous difficulties. As per him, their goal is to let merchants expand their business by allowing everybody to earn rewards and shop conveniently. In this way, he added, they offer the most secure and easy-to-operate means for everyone who wishes to initiate the Web3 venture through the Shop-To-Earn model.

Visa Country Manager of Laos and Vietnam, Ms. Dung Dang, expressed that the platform is thrilled to have inked this partnership for the expansion of the digital shopping area. In the words of Dang, many additional customers are presently showing a huge interest in the latest digital experiences taking into account blockchain-based token rewards and non-fungible tokens. The growing trend of NFTs is likely to develop a new tendency in the world of Web3.

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