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pSTAKE’s stkBNB: Current Progress & Milestones

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pSTAKE’s stkBNB: Current Progress & Milestones


By pSTAKEfinance

Created a month ago, last updated a month ago
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pSTAKE’s stkBNB: Current Progress & Milestones

pSTAKE launched its stkBNB mainnet (BNB liquid staking solution) on August 8, 2022, kickstarting with a bang as demand and interest rose rapidly.

With the full product now live and the team’s monumental efforts to continue improving the protocol’s features and technology, things are looking strong for pSTAKE.

Today, we’ll provide high-level coverage of the launch and where things stand today.

Launch Highlights

stkBNB’s mainnet launch has gained quick momentum, with the number of staked BNB (and proportional minted stkBNB) soaring from day one.

Just 3 weeks into launch, stkBNB has a TVU (Total Value Unlocked) of $4.5M+, growing roughly 1,470% from its initial starting value of ~$289K. In addition, 16,417.2 tokens have been minted to date.

DeFi Integrations

pSTAKE has been partnering and integrating with some of the top protocols and dApps on BNB Chain to enable greater utility for stkBNB across its DeFi ecosystem.

All current integrations are below for stkBNB/BNB:

The growth and adoption of stkBNB on these platforms have also seen an impressive rise since its launch:

Supported Wallets

To provide more options for users to interact with the above integrations and hold/trade their stkBNB, pSTAKE has partnered with the following trusted wallet providers:

Users can import their stkBNB and utilize it across BNB Chain’s DeFi ecosystem through the platform’s integrations. pSTAKE’s team is continuing to look into other wallet integrations to broaden stkBNB’s horizons.

Security Efforts

One of pSTAKE’s highest priorities has been to increase its security efforts for its stkBNB product.

Here’s a list of what they’ve accomplished so far:

Their team continues to perform more verifications for additional contracts and explore other ways to make the pSTAKE protocol more robust.

Earning Yield with stkBNB

Users can maximise their yield on stkBNB by using different strategies through pSTAKE’s DeFi integrations on BNB Chain.

Check out our comprehensive user guide blog and video tutorials here:

Check out our comprehensive user guide blog and video tutorials here:

pSTAKE is continuing to move closer toward establishing stkBNB as the base asset for the BNB Chain ecosystem. BNB liquid staking lets users contribute to on-chain network security and receive staking rewards while simultaneously unlocking liquidity, supercharging BNB Chain DeFi, and encouraging more users to participate.

Track the Numbers

Want to stay up to date on the latest statistics and metrics relating to stkBNB and pSTAKE’s current BNB Chain integrations?

You can view everything you need in one place through their dedicated Dune Analytics dashboard, designed specifically for the stkBNB product.


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