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DIA is Live on Wanchain!

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DIA is Live on Wanchain!


By Wanchain

Created 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago
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DIA is Live on Wanchain!

Table of Contents

Wanchain and DIA are pleased to announce that DIA’s end-to-end data and oracle infrastructure is now available for all users and developers on the Wanchain mainnet. Alongside this oracle integration, DIA has added price feeds for a variety of Wanchain assets such as including the $WAN coin to its library.

DIA’s open source platform enables the sourcing, validation and sharing of transparent and verified data feeds for traditional and digital financial applications. DIA currently offers price feeds for 2,000+ cryptocurrencies, 20,000+ traditional finance equities and 18,000+ NFT collections. To generate the final price points, DIA transparently fetches trade data directly from a broad array of on-chain and off-chain sources and is currently integrated with 65+ sources. This granular sourcing capability allows DIA to build fully customisable price oracles in regards to the mix of sources and methodologies, resulting in tailor-made, high resilience feeds and thereby setting a new paradigm for oracles.

Wanchain is both a sustainable Layer 1 PoS blockchain and a decentralised wide area network of blockchains. The Wanchain Layer 1 PoS blockchain is a full Ethereum-like environment that works with industry standard Ethereum tools, dApps and protocols and supports Monero-style private transactions. Wanchain uses a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm called Galaxy Consensus that leverages a variety of cryptographic schemes including distributed secret sharing and threshold signatures to improve random number generation and block production mechanisms. Galaxy Consensus, developed by world-class researchers and academics, is a continuation of Cardano’s Ouroboros. Wanchain’s wide area network of blockchains is a decentralised system of direct, non-custodial cross-chain bridges that connect both EVM and non-EVM networks without requiring any centralised intermediaries. These bridges use a combination of Secure Multiparty Computation (sMPC) and Shamir’s Secret Sharing to secure overcollateralized cross-chain assets. Currently, more than 17 Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks are connected by Wanchain’s wide area network of blockchains.

Michael Weber, DIA Association President comments:
“We are thrilled to integrate DIA’s oracle capabilities with Wanchain’s mainnet network. The Wanchain ecosystem will benefit DIA’s multi-source capabilities, as they will enable the easy deployment of price oracle for Wanchain assets. DIA’s accurate and transparent oracles will expand the capabilites of Wanchain dApps by enabling the development of a wide variety of DeFi, NFTfi and GameFi use cases.”
Li Ni, Wanchain VP of Business Development adds:
“Access to reliable, real-world information is indispensable for developers building RealFi, DeFi and GameFi use cases. DIA’s oracles not only reduce the go-to-market time for developers on Wanchain, but provide them with the tools necessary to enable their dAPPs to operate in a wider capacity.”

About DIA

DIA is a multi-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. The DIA platform enables the crowd-sourcing, validation, and sharing of transparent and verified data feeds for asset prices, metaverse data, and more. DIA data is sourced simultaneously at a trade level from multiple on-chain and off-chain sources and made available to developers on all relevant layer 1 and layer 2 networks.

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About Wanchain

We are all connected — Wanchain, the Wide Area Network chain, is the world’s premier decentralised blockchain interoperability solution. Our mission is to drive blockchain adoption through interoperability by building fully decentralised bridges that connect the world’s many siloed blockchain networks. This crosschain infrastructure empowers developers to build truly decentralised crosschain applications to power the future of Web3.

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