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BGN 1,261,578
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BGN 72,355
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46,117,633 SPACE
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322,485,165 SPACE
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350,000,000 SPACE
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BGN 9,574,476
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Oct 07, 2021 (3 years ago)
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May 12, 2022 (2 years ago)
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2444th / 9.7K
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За Space Token

Space Token (SPACE) serves as the utility token for Final Autoclaim, a prominent crypto earning website that offers users the opportunity to earn a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Established in 2019, Final Autoclaim ( has attracted a substantial user base of over 1,000,000 individuals and is recognized as a leading cryptocurrency faucet.

Final Autoclaim offers various methods for users to earn cryptocurrencies, including participating in surveys, completing small tasks, staking coins, and playing games. The platform continually introduces new use-cases, with more anticipated in the future. Holding SPACE tokens provides numerous advantages for Final Autoclaim users, including enhanced rewards from faucets, offers, and surveys. Additionally, users benefit from increased staking Annual Percentage Rate (APR) based on the number of SPACE tokens they hold.

Since its inception, the Space Ecosystem has gained significant traction, boasting over 10,000 holders across three different networks within just one year. The token has already facilitated over 200,000 on-chain transfers, and the number of holders continues to grow steadily. The success of SPACE can be attributed to its practical use-cases, which are already implemented, signaling a promising future.

Furthermore, Space Token can be earned through approximately 10 crypto faucets partners. As the ecosystem expands, it is expected that SPACE will become available on numerous crypto-earning applications, providing users with even more opportunities to acquire and utilize the token.