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BGN 1,224,472
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7,145,125 STC
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21,000,000 STC
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BGN 23,007,311
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Aug 22, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Oct 20, 2023 (4 months ago)
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За Satoshi Island

What Is Satoshi Island?

Satoshi Island, nestled in the serene archipelago of Vanuatu, is an emerging private island sanctuary. Envisioned as an eco-friendly smart nature reserve, this unique project aims to harmoniously blend a sustainable community within its lush natural environment, offering an inclusive and innovative living experience.


Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, Satoshi Island is set to become a high-tech smart ecosystem. This innovative destination offers year-round networking opportunities and serves as a dynamic laboratory for pioneering and experimenting with the finest in blockchain advancements, including Real-World Assets, DAO governance, AI, and Digital Twin Technology. Satoshi Island is advancing the integration of Real Estate and blockchain technology by using NFTs to represent home ownership. With an ambitious vision, it aims to establish itself as the global hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The island's unique economy will be powered exclusively by its own digital currency, the Satoshi Island Currency (STC), positioning it at the forefront of a digital financial revolution.

Satoshi Island is making significant progress on its innovation roadmap. This progress includes the launch of Citizenship NFTs, which act as memberships granting access to the Satoshi Island community and technology, Land Deed NFTs that provide an opportunity to select a specific block of land on the island for home construction and STC, an exclusive digital currency to be used as payment for goods and services and subscription to utilities. Additionally, both types of NFTs are available and tradable on any compatible NFT marketplace and STC is available on top exchanges like OKX, HTX and PancakeSwap.

How Do I Get To Satoshi Island?

Satoshi Island is remarkably accessible, boasting direct, short flights from Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Fiji. While a bit further for travellers from the Americas and Europe, the extra leg of the journey is a small price to pay for the unparalleled experience awaiting at this global destination.

Who Can Visit Satoshi Island?

Satoshi Island blends the allure of a fully operational resort, perfect for short stays, with a residential zone designed for full-time living. This unique destination caters to tourists, digital nomads, and permanent residents alike, offering a year-round opportunity to network with like-minded individuals or disconnect and unwind.


Embrace the benefits of Vanuatu's tech-savvy jurisdiction. With its near-zero tax policy, an impressive record of low crime, and an abundance of naturally organic food produced without herbicides or pesticides, it's no surprise that Vanuatu consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries globally on the happiness index.