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What Is OriginTrail (TRAC)?

OriginTrail is an ecosystem building a trusted knowledge infrastructure for artificial intelligence. It addresses the challenge of misinformation in the AI era by ensuring the origin of information and enabling discoverability of the world's most important knowledge and real world assets (RWAs).

OriginTrail is creating a Verifiable Web for decentralized AI by empowering world class brands and builders. It utilizes its unique Decentralized Knowledge Graph and OriginTrail Parachain to deliver AI-powered search and solutions for enterprises and individuals worldwide.

OriginTrail has gained support and partnerships with world-class organizations such as British Standards Institution, SCAN, Polkadot, Parity, Walmart, World Federation of Hemophilia, Oracle, and the EU Commission's Next Generation Internet. These partnerships contribute to advancing OriginTrail's trusted knowledge foundation and its applicability in trillion-dollar industries, while providing a verifiable web of knowledge important in particular to drive the economies of RWAs.

The best way to see the technology in action is by checking ChatDKG, which is an experimental, question answering bot on X (Twitter) based on trusted Knowledge Assets in OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph. The ChatDKG provides answers based on OriginTrail trusted AI.

The Metcalfe phase of the updated roadmap pursues an ambitious goal of creating the world’s largest verifiable web for AI consisting of 100 billion Knowledge Assets, bringing a 100.000x scalability increase. As the name of the phase suggests, it will seek to produce network effects across the OriginTrail DKG and use novel techniques to pursue autonomous DKG growth based on the genesis knowledge foundation being created by organizations and individuals alike. The genesis part of the Metcalfe’s phase also introduces knowledge mining and knowledge signaling capabilities to drive constant growth of the Verifiable Web.

Following the Genesis stage and the transition to an AI-native V8, further capabilities will become available in the Convergence stage. By leveraging the advancements in AI and the DKG, we will unlock autonomous knowledge mining which in turn leads to an autonomous DKG. At that stage, new knowledge gets added to the DKG with very limited human involvement. Services such as AI agents will be performing knowledge inferencing directly on the DKG to find any “blind spots” in the knowledge they can fill as well as search for new knowledge and bring it to the DKG in accordance with knowledge signaling.

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