What Is Monsta Infinite (MONI) and How to Play It?
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What Is Monsta Infinite (MONI) and How to Play It?

2 years ago

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Monsta Infinite, a dual-token play-to-earn game built with sound economics and a long-term strategy.

What Is Monsta Infinite (MONI) and How to Play It?


Play-to-earn games have exploded in popularity in recent months — which is understandable, given that being paid to play video games is an extremely attractive proposition. 

However, many of these games lack sustainable economics and/or the in-depth gameplay necessary to survive long term, and most either burn out when their player pool stops growing, or when the game stops generating an attractive yield, thanks to lackluster gameplay mechanics. 

Monsta Infinite, a new card-based monster battle game built on Binance Smart Chain, looks to address this challenge once-and-for-all, by producing a game built on the tenets of sound economics, innovation, and accessibility — producing a game that is both genuinely entertaining and rewarding. 
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What Is Monsta Infinite (MONI)?

Monsta Infinite is an upcoming NFT breeding, battle, and building game that falls under the rapidly growing ‘play-to-earn’ and GameFi sector — since it allows users to earn real-world revenue by playing the game either competitively or for fun. 
In the game, users form teams of cutesy critters known as MONSTAs and battle the villainous scourge that is the JILAKA. In return for battling these foes, players earn rewards in the form of in-game items and Stamen Tellus (STT) — a digital asset that represents its in-game currency. 

Players can also train their MONSTA at the Dozo, which is a PvP battleground that sees players pit their MONSTA against one another to earn a variety of rewards. 

Besides the battling and training gameplay modes, Monsta Infinite will include powerful MONSTA creation and trading functionality, and will feature a diverse in-game micro-economy. 

Who Created Monsta Infinite (MONI)?

The game is being built by a team of close to a dozen individuals operating out of Singapore and Malaysia. This includes CEO Jin Tan and CTO HK Chong. Much of the team comes from tech, blockchain, and/or gaming backgrounds, and has a passion for building products that empower the community. 

How To Play Monsta Infinite?

Monsta Infinite is a mobile app and PC-based DApp that is very similar to standard free-to-play apps found on popular game stores. Here’s a brief overview of what you might engage with the game:
  1. Log in and select a game mode (e.g. survival, monsta war, or cloning modes)
  1. If selecting a PvE or PvP battle mode, users must choose a team of three MONSTA to play with
  1. As part of the card turn-based battle game, players can select opponents to attack/debuff, or use a skill to buff their own team
  1. If the player wins, their MONSTAs can earn in-game items and STT. These can be used to perform augmentation and level-up of MONSTAs
  1. Items and MONSTAs won in the game can then be either used or traded on the Monsta Infinite marketplace

How Does Monsta Infinite Work?

Monsta Infinite draws on various tried and tested features seen in other popular NFT games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and Cryptokitties, but fine-tunes these features for long-term sustainability while mixing in more than a few innovations of its own. 
To begin playing the game, users will need to get their hands on three MONSTAs to build a complete team — these can either be regular MONSTAs or some of the more exclusive INCEPTION MONSTAs. The INCEPTION MONSTAs are the first batch of MONSTAs created. They are the rarest MONSTA NFTs in the game and have a chance of having Legendary body parts. Each INCEPTION MONSTA will have an ID number from 1 to 4,088 — based on the order they are claimed by owners. All of these MONSTAs are completely unique and are represented by an NFT.

When it comes to gameplay, Monsta Infinite is a turn-based battle game that allows users to mix and match the best MONSTAs and their associated skill cards to battle enemies. Unlike other games, MONSTAs can individually target single enemies on the opposite team, massively increasing the strategic element involved in winning battles. 

As a turn-based card battle game, players will leverage randomly shuffled card skills to do battle — either by applying buffs to their own team, debuffing the other team, or attacking. The game features deceptively deep battle mechanics that make it suitable for both casual players and hardcore fans alike. 
MONSTAs cannot reproduce naturally, instead, they leverage advanced technology to multiply — using fusion to combine two MONSTA and their Stamen Tellus to produce a new wave of MONSTA. This cloning process requires both STT and MONI tokens. 
On top of the battle game, Monsta Infinite will have open-world features that will include collecting resources and crafting functionality. Designers will be able to create their designs for cosmetic items as well as items that have utility within the game. This might include a broadcast tool, which can be used for advertising and PvP proposals.

Monsta Infinite Roadmap

As of writing, Monsta Infinite is in its relatively early stages of development. The team has been busy laying down the foundations for the battling, trading, and fusion elements of the game. According to the official roadmap, the platform will launch its marketplace and a mini-game in October 2021, before a public launch of the full game in Q1 2022. Further out, Monsta Infinite will conduct a land chest sale in Q2 2022 and plans to launch land-based gameplay in late 2022.

How to Buy Mosta Infinite (MONI) Token?

Monsta Infinite is scheduled to conduct its Initial DEX offering (IDO) on DuckSTARTER, Oxbull, Paid Network’s Ignition, Helmet.insure, and MoonStarter. TGE for the $MONI token will occur on September 16, 2021 — following which it will be listed on Gate.io and PancakeSwap

What Makes Monsta Infinite (MONI) Unique?

Monsta Infinite is built with the goal of becoming a disruptive force within the play-to-earn sector. Practically, this means it is looking to produce a fun, engaging, and sustainable gaming model that is accessible, upgradeable, and adaptable. 

To help accomplish this, Monsta Infinite includes a number of unique features that distinguish it from others players in the space. These include:

ELO System in Monsta Infinite

Unlike many blockchain games with a PvP element, Monsta Infinite incorporates both leveling and ELO systems — which ensure players are only matched against others within a restricted level range. 

This is designed to provide a more enjoyable experience for players, who can be confident that they will not face overpowered opponents. This method ensures healthy competition and fair distribution of rewards. 

Extreme Customization in Monsta Infinite

MONSTAs are comprised of six body parts: head, face, body, tail, arms, and legs; and these can be augmented to a more evolved form by sacrificing other MONSTAs and using raw materials like STT and cores (earned from defeating enemies in PvE). This helps to control the MONSTA population while allowing users to create a more powerful team.

Anti-bot Mechanics 

Bots are an incredibly common problem when it comes to play-to-earn games — since players will often attempt to automate resource and item farming using a variety of techniques. 

Monsta Infinite overcomes this challenge using a random captcha-like gameplay mechanic (known as Mystery Puzzle), which will see players earn a buff for successful completion — ensuring genuine players always have an edge over bots. 

Population Control

Monsta Infinite looks to separate itself from other blockchain-based games by leveraging careful controls over the rate of growth of the MONSTA population. The goal here is to ensure that pets maintain their value for players, and don’t needlessly inflate overtime. 
Click here to read about the full population control strategy on the Monsta Infinite docs. 

Player Security

As a game designed to provide a safe, secure way to both earn revenue and pass the time, Monsta Infinite is incorporating a range of solutions to help mitigate the security challenges sometimes faced by play-to-earn games. 

This includes building a sidechain wallet on Binance Smart Chain, which will implement a two-factor authentication option that completely blocks seed phrase/private key phishing

Dual-Token Economy

As we previously touched on, the game features a two-token economy based around $MONI and $STT.

MONI is the governance token that will allow the holders to vote on major decisions, as well as for stake them (to earn passive income and dividends). MONI will have a fixed total supply
STT, on the other hand, is used for purchasing in-game assets and fusing MONSTAs (in combination with MONI). This token can be acquired by playing the game or purchasing it from external exchanges. 

Original Music

Monsta Infinite stands apart from other blockchain-based games in that it has its own custom-developed soundtrack. The first piece, known as “Mirror of Resentment” can be found on the official Monsta Infinite YouTube channel.  

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