How To Participate in Friend.Tech Airdrop?
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How To Participate in Friend.Tech Airdrop?

6 months ago

Confused on how to participate in the airdrop? Let us help you understand the airdrop and the ways to participate in it!

How To Participate in Friend.Tech Airdrop?

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What Is Friend.Tech?

If you've had any involvement with Coinbase's L2 chain, Base, you're likely familiar with the buzz surrounding the newest crypto social application that has taken Crypto Twitter by storm: This application, built upon Base, serves as a platform for trading "shares" representing users within the community. These shares, when acquired, allow you to initiate private conversations with the corresponding users. For example, upon obtaining a share tied to a Crypto Twitter personality XXX, the holder gains the privilege of engaging in a one-on-one private conversation.
Many users view the trading of these shares as a speculative practice centered around social tokens. Essentially, it involves either "longing" or "shorting" crypto personalities based on their actions or the value they bring to the holders of their associated shares.
If that’s the case, the appetite for speculation within the crypto community may have contributed to the rapid popularity surge of the app. In less than a week since its launch, it has amassed nearly 7K ETH in trading volume and has garnered the attention of over 22K unique users.

However, if there's one thing that resonates as strongly with crypto enthusiasts as speculation does, it's airdrops.

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Some users have already spotted an intriguing addition within the app – the "Airdrop" tab, a subtle hint at potential future airdrops. But how can you become a part of it? This article aims to provide the answers you seek!


The Airdrop

In the early hours of August 15th, the team made an announcement regarding the contents of the newly introduced "Airdrop" tab.


Dubbed as reward points, these points will be distributed via airdrops to the app's beta testers, with the first airdrop scheduled for this upcoming Friday, Aug 18. Over the span of six months, these reward points will be consistently airdropped on a weekly basis, totaling a distribution of 100 million points.

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Currently, no definitive guidelines or criteria have been released regarding eligibility for beta tester status. Additionally, there is uncertainty surrounding whether specific actions like referrals or trades, or certain levels of activity, are prerequisites for users to qualify for the reward points airdrop.

There is speculation among users that referring friends to the app could potentially enhance the points received. This speculation stems from the fact that access codes for each user are positioned in the “Airdrop” tab, situated just above the “Points” section. However, it's important to note that the team has not yet addressed this aspect. Moreover, the team hints at a special purpose for these points upon the app's official release, leading many to anticipate a future correlation with a token airdrop.

Regardless of the specifics of the qualification criteria, the first essential step is to gain access to the app (a process that might prove slightly more challenging than it initially appears).

With this context in mind, the next logical question arises: How does one get access to

Getting Into

Step 1: Getting the App

To get started with, follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile browser and navigate to
  2. Once on the site, add it to your home screen. This creates a quick access shortcut to the platform.


Step 2: Find an Access Code

Currently, operates as an invite-only platform, necessitating access codes for registration. Fortunately, obtaining access codes is straightforward, with several options available:

  1. Friend Referrals: Every registered user has six access codes that they can share with friends, enabling them to register and join the platform.
  2. Direct from Access codes have been occasionally released by the team on their Twitter account. Keep an eye out for these codes.
  3. Twitter Hunt: Scouring Twitter for access codes is another effective strategy. By searching terms like "friendtech invite" or "friendtech codes" and filtering by "Latest," you can find unused access codes. Influencers often have multiple codes to distribute.

Source: Twitter

Step 3: Link Your Twitter Account

Once your access code is validated, linking your Twitter profile to becomes necessary. This linked Twitter account will also serve as your username within the platform.


Step 4: Send Some ETH To Your Wallet

To finish the setup, transfer any amount of Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet. It is essential for trading shares on the app. Please note that sending the coin on the Base network is crucial for proper reflection within the app.

Learn how to bridge your ETH to Base!


Step 5: Enjoy the App!

After successfully sending your ETH, the app becomes accessible. This unlocks the ability to trade shares and engage in conversations with users whose shares you've acquired. With these steps completed, you're primed to execute trades or patiently await the release of airdrop criteria from the team.

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